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Creating employment  opportunities 

Wendy McDonald, COO of Inclusion Alberta and former President of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield spoke February 5th on the creation of the Rotary Employment Partnership in 2001.  Her goal, along with Bruce Uditsky of Inclusion Alberta, was to open minds and hearts and create employment opportunities for all community members.
Over 800 jobs have been created with 96 in Lloydminster.  Jobs provide a person an identity and life outside their home and increases income on average by 44% for people with developmental disabilities. Local Rotarians Glen Fagnan and Robin Action were lauded for their efforts in starting the local program.
Creating employment opportunities Ron Gillies 2024-02-05 07:00:00Z 0

Avery Outreach Scholarships 

Avery Outreach School principal Rob Merrilees (right) students Amelia and Mytchell along with Rhonda Schwenk visited the January 29th meeting.  Rob told Rotarians how the annual scholarship supports a variety of student programs including first aid and other job readiness programs
Avery Outreach Scholarships Ron Gillies 2024-01-29 07:00:00Z 0

Legacy Project

Legacy Grant Funding 


Deadline extended to April 3, 2024

Due to the Easter long weekend we have extended the deadline for applications to end of day on Wednesday April 3, 2024.

You can send your completed application to us by:

1. Emailing it to rotarylloydminster@outlook.com
2. Sending a private message through our Facebook page to arrange pickup
3. Contacting our President Mike Sidoryk at 780.808.3276













The Rotary Club of Lloydminster is now accepting applications for the 2024 Legacy Grant Project.

Rotary has an impact in communities around the world and we are starting 2024 by working to create an impact in Lloydminster.  

A special one-time grant of $75,000 is now available to a local organization for a transformational projects that will have a great impact on our community. 
Information including an application form and detailed instructions is available in Word or PDF format
Legacy Project Ron Gillies 2024-01-23 07:00:00Z 0

Onion Lake Health Services

We welcomed former club member Albert Jimmy, Health Director for Onion Lake First Nation to our Monday meeting.  He and Associate Director Lori Worthing led us through an overview of all the elements that make up the wellness focused approach offered by the Nation to its over 6,000 members.
For details see their website at http://www.onionlakehealth.org
Onion Lake Health Services Ron Gillies 2024-01-22 07:00:00Z 0

2024 Dream Vacation

2024 Dream Vacation tickets are now available from Rotary Club of Lloydminster members.  Priced at $100 tickets give you a chance at a monthly vacation prize. Trips range from a 6 night family of 4 trip to the Waterpark Capital of the US to a 3 night romantic stay at the Jasper Park Lodge
For further information see the reverse of this year's ticket
2024 Dream Vacation Ron Gillies 2024-01-20 07:00:00Z 0

Border Paws

Amanda Williams,  president of Border Paws (formerly the Lloydminster SPCA) spoke to the club January 8 about their new location and the almost 1,200 animals they shelter each year.
Border Paws Ron Gillies 2024-01-08 07:00:00Z 0

Indigenous program support

Club President Mike Sidoryk presents a cheque for $1,500 to Crystal Miller to help with local indigenous programs. 
Indigenous program support Ron Gillies 2024-01-08 07:00:00Z 0

School on a mountain

Where does the money raised for international projects go?  In a recent case it was used to build a school upon a mountain
It's a standard two-room elementary school in Sitio Matagbak, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental state in the Philippines. A joint project of the Rotary Club of Lloydminster and the Rotary Club of Metro Valenzuela it opened in the fall of 2022.  Cutting the ribbon was former Lloydminsterite Sid Palmer, a Rotarian and past president of the Philippines club. 
To learn more click here to read an article from the September 2023 issue of Philippine Rotary
School on a mountain Ron Gillies 2023-12-23 07:00:00Z 0

Border collies

Lloydminster area resident Alana Leach cheerfully admits that she and her husband Doug are "a lion short of a petting zoo" on their farm south of Kitscoty.
Border collies Ron Gillies 2023-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

World Polio Day


One Day. One Focus:  Ending Polio

World Polio Day is a time for Rotary members, public health advocates, and all who want a world free from polio to come together, recognize our progress in the fight to end polio, and talk about the actions we need to take in order to end polio for good.

All donations are matched 2:1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, tripling your impact!    
World Polio Day Ron Gillies 2023-10-23 06:00:00Z 0
District 5370 Governor visit Ron Gillies 2023-10-02 06:00:00Z 0

Students finding their voices

Holy Rosary High School media teacher Skye Ferguson presented on her efforts to have student projects viewed in the community at our August 14 meeting.  She spoke to the quality and creativity of students and their success at provincial and national trade competitions. Skye showed us how festivals, competitions and work in the community helped expose their work and achieve goals.  Rotarian Wendy Plandowski seconded her comments, introducing Cierra, an technology intern working with her, who had been a national competitor and student of Ms. Ferguson
Students finding their voices Ron Gillies 2023-08-14 06:00:00Z 0

District 3090 visitor

We welcomed Lalit Kumar, a member of District 3090 in India to our August 14 meeting.  Club banners were exchanged and Lalit pinned our executive members. He spoke briefly about the importance of Rotary in a community and the international value of Rotary.  Lalit was in Lloydminster visiting his son who is a local physiotherapist.
District 3090 visitor Ron Gillies 2023-08-14 06:00:00Z 0

Water search technology

Lloydminster Rescue Squad Chief Norm Namur and Deputy Chief Ryan updated club members on the new technology they are using for water searches.
Water search technology Ron Gillies 2023-07-24 06:00:00Z 0

2023 President's BBQ

Club members gathered at the Nissan building of the Lloydminster Exhibition on the evening of June 29 to celebrate outgoing president Anita Schmidt's year with a summer BBQ and socializing.
President-elect Mike Sidoryk led the recognition for President Anita who successfully guided the club in our first post-Covid year, bringing the Club back from a mostly virtual existence.
President Anita recognized  Rotarian Dave McCaw for his amazing 60 years of Rotary membership by presenting him with a Paul Harris Fellowship.   Joining the presentation were Dave's partner Linda McCaw and long-serving McCaw Funeral Service team member and Rotarian Don Whiting. 
Left-right: Mike Sidoryk, Anita Schmidt, Dave McCaw, Linda McCaw, Don Whiting
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Canadian Dream Vacation Winners 2023 Ron Gillies 2023-05-08 06:00:00Z 0

Merry Christmas!

From our Rotary members, our partners in Rotary, and friends of Rotary, have a safe, joyous, and Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! 2021-12-14 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Employment Partnership - Spring 2020 Angela Koch 2020-04-22 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary Employment Partnership - Spring 2020 Angela Koch 2020-04-22 06:00:00Z 0
41st Annual Lobster Fest CANCELLED Evan Degenhardt 2020-04-15 06:00:00Z 0

Meetings Postponed

Like many other events, meetings, and gatherings, our Club has made the decision to cancel all meetings until further notice.  
Meetings Postponed Jason Whiting 2020-03-18 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary Garage Sale Coming March 14 2020-03-04 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Employment Partnership Newsletter Fall 2019 Angela Koch 2019-10-24 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary Employment Partnership Newsletter Angela Koch 2019-09-19 06:00:00Z 0

Lobsterfest 2019

The Rotary Club of Lloydminster's huge fund raiser! Since 2010, the Club has donated over $602,000 to local community groups, student programs and international programs; THANKS to the support we receive from the community!
The event is Lobsterfest, but the CAUSE is ROTARY.
Please support our programs and come out for an old fashioned spring fling.
Lobsterfest 2019 2019-03-26 06:00:00Z 1

Irish Pub Night is Back!

Border City Rotary Club Invites you to their Irish Pub Night

Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Saturday, March 18th/17
Lloydminster Stockade Convention Centre
DINNER 6:30 pm
ENTERTAINMENT 7:30pm (Live music)
Tickets are $50 each
Available from any Border City Rotary Member, 
Tunes or Spiro’s
Proceeds to programs supporting Youth in our community
Irish Pub Night is Back! 2017-02-07 07:00:00Z 0

Kindness Wins

Last meeting our club donated $500 to the Beyond Borders Circle of Change group for their work next week with Pink Day and Kindness Wins (formally anti-bullying) campaign and initiatives.  

Travis Price founder of Pink Day and special guest Scott McHenry (Roughrider) are coming to Lloydminster to present and educate the following schools: (Holy Rosary, LCHS, College Park and Bishop Lloyd). Travis and Scott are employed by the Red Cross.
Watch for more information for #KindnessWins Community Awareness Night Feb 9th at the Exhibition Grounds. Goal is to recruit 400 ppl to this night. 
Kindness Wins 2017-02-03 07:00:00Z 0

District Conference is Coming

Just over TWO months away! 
Please consider attending the Rotary District Conference in Westlock.
Register by clicking HERE
District Conference is Coming Jason Whiting 2017-02-03 07:00:00Z 0
Photos from One Well Jason Whiting 2017-01-28 07:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary January 16th

Posted by Jason Whiting on Jan 16, 2017

Date:  Monday January 16th
2017 Panel Discussion with
Todd Hames, Kim Richer, Don Stephenson
Meeting Summary January 16th Jason Whiting 2017-01-16 07:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary January 9th 

Posted by Jason Whiting on Jan 09, 2017

Date:  Monday January 9th
Servus Credit Union CFO
Ian Glassford
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Update on our Kiva Account

Posted by Danny Ulmer on Jan 02, 2017


Loans that change lives



Our Rotary Club of Lloydminster has donated $1500 per year to KIVA since 2010, totalling $9151.


This money has been lent out and repaid in 1649 loans with a total value of $41,725 in loans! 


We contribute $25 to a loan along with other KIVA members to fully fund one individual, helping minimize our risk.  An average loan request is about $1500.


Click here to learn more about the borrowing process & review some FAQs: https://www.kiva.org/about/how


Here is a recent loan we supported!

Borrower image
Name: Pascal
Country: Rwanda
Loan for: Shoe sales inventory
Loan amount: $2450 (94 lenders)
Pascal’s Story
Pascal is a married father of five. Pascal is the sole income earner in his family. He is a conscientious and determined entrepreneur. Pascal is also a refugee.

After fleeing neighboring Burundi, Pascal brought his family to Rwanda and started a shoe business. Most of his shoes are imported from Uganda and Dubai, and he sells them both at wholesale and retail prices. 

To date, Pascal's business has been operating, but it hasn't been thriving. Because he imports his products, he struggles to maintain consistent inventory levels. Simply, when Pascal has inventory, he has customers, when his stock runs out, his customers find another merchant.

AEC wants to help Pascal smooth out his inventory levels so that he can maintain consistent customers and grow his business, and because Pascal is a refugee, he has few options to access investments.


Update on our Kiva Account Danny Ulmer 2017-01-02 07:00:00Z 0

Update on our Kiva Account

Posted by Danny Ulmer on Jan 01, 2017


Loans that change lives



Our Rotary Club of Lloydminster has donated $1500 per year to KIVA since 2010, totalling $9151.


This money has been lent out and repaid in 1649 loans with a total value of $41,725 in loans! 


We contribute $25 to a loan along with other KIVA members to fully fund one individual, helping minimize our risk.  An average loan request is about $1500.


Click here to learn more about the borrowing process & review some FAQs: https://www.kiva.org/about/how


Here is a recent loan we supported!


Name: Mario
Country: Mazambique
Loan amount: $700 (18 lenders)
Loan for: Agriculture
Mario’s Story
Mário is 42 years old, is married, and has two children. He lives in the Zambézia province in Mozambique. Mário has practiced agriculture in his community for about 15 years. He is a very hardworking and creative person. He started working in this area to guarantee a fixed income and well-being for his family, and he has had excellent results with the production and sale of sesame, corn, and peanuts.

As a result of his dedication and work, over this year he has been able to build a house with conventional material for his family, which makes him feel proud.

Mário needs a loan to buy farm supplies such as fertilizer, urea, and pesticides to guarantee an increased production. The extra income from this loan will allow him to increase his production and consequently the income from his sales of sesame, corn, and peanuts.

In the future, he plans to grow and expand his business, and he dreams of continuing to support his family and seeing his two children going to a university.


Update on our Kiva Account Danny Ulmer 2017-01-02 00:00:00Z 0

Dream Vacation Tickets Update

Posted by Stan Bugiera

Dream Vacation Lottery Update

Please let Stan know what you have left for sold and un-sold tickets.
Dream Vacation Tickets Update Stan Bugiera 2017-01-02 00:00:00Z 0

Still Kettle Shifts Available

Thank you to everyone that has signed up to ring the bells at the Salvation Army kettles this Saturday and next Saturday.  You have filled 30 out of 42 spots so far!

This Saturday (tomorrow) there are still a couple spots open; 5-6 and 6-7.  Please shoot me a message or give me a call if you can fill those spots 780-870-1346

Still Kettle Shifts Available 2016-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Monday's Meeting: Update from County of Vermilion River 2016-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

Update on our Kiva Account

Posted by Danny Ulmer on Dec 06, 2016


Loans that change lives



Our Rotary Club of Lloydminster has donated $1500 per year to KIVA since 2010, totalling $9151.


This money has been lent out and repaid in 1649 loans with a total value of $41,725 in loans! 


We contribute $25 to a loan along with other KIVA members to fully fund one individual, helping minimize our risk.  An average loan request is about $1500.


Click here to learn more about the borrowing process & review some FAQs: https://www.kiva.org/about/how


Here is a recent loan we supported!


Borrower image
Name: Naomi
Country: Dominican Republic
Loan for: education
Loan amount: $6250 (198 lenders)
Disbursed date: January 30, 2017
Naomi’s story
Naomi wants to study a career in Hospitality and Tourism. She seeks a loan to cover her education expenses. This is her story: My name is Naomi. I was born on April 2, 1999 in Santiago de los Caballeros, RD and am 17 years old. I grew up in Villa Olímpica, raised by my paternal grandmother, due to the absence of my mother. My father is a graphic designer and today he runs his own business. I have a 2 year old brother.

I want to study Hospitality and Tourism at the O & M University, because it is a career that matches with my personality and likes, as it focuses on social and cultural aspects, which matches me perfectly and where I can develop a complete skillset.

The loan is necessary because without it it will be impossible to pay the cost of the career and the expenses that come with it. In the case of not receiving the loan, I await turning the age of majority (18) in order to look for work and save until I have a sufficient amount to begin studying.

My academic goal is to give my best to every obstacle and in addition to having good grades, to have really learned the content every day of class.

My personal goal is to be a better person every day, learning to recognize my errors and improve my weak areas. Then upon finalizing my studies, I will move to a province with more tourists and develop my career, whether in administration, eco-tourism, or another area in the field.


Update on our Kiva Account Danny Ulmer 2016-12-07 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Summary December 4th Jason Whiting 2016-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

Use Your Air Miles

Trying to think of how to use those Air Miles that are going to expire at the end of this year (and then every 3 months after)??  Why not use them to book a trip to Atlanta in April for the Rotary International Convention??  The hope is that there will be a good size group of us heading down to take in all that goes along with participating in a RI convention.  
Use Your Air Miles 2016-11-19 00:00:00Z 0

Update on our Kiva Account

Posted by Danny Ulmer on Nov 16, 2016


Loans that change lives



Our Rotary Club of Lloydminster has donated $1500 per year to KIVA since 2010, totalling $9151.


This money has been lent out and repaid in 1649 loans with a total value of $41,725 in loans! 


We contribute $25 to a loan along with other KIVA members to fully fund one individual, helping minimize our risk.  An average loan request is about $1500.


Click here to learn more about the borrowing process & review some FAQs: https://www.kiva.org/about/how


Here is a recent loan we supported!


Borrower image
Name: Anatolyi
Country: Ukraine
Loan for: materials for business
Loan amount: $1950 (lent by 70 lenders)
Anatolyi’s story
Anatolyi has been managing a small company that makes coffins and gravestones. Anatolyi started working in his mother's company that focused on providing funeral services. Two years ago, he decided to open his own business and began to focus exclusively on coffins and gravestones. He always does quality work. Anatolyi works around the clock, even taking calls at night. Anatolyi is divorced and lives in a studio apartment that he just purchased a month ago. 

Anatolyi needs a sum of 50,000 hryvnia to buy stone for making gravestones since now, seasonally the raw material always drops in price. Anatolyi thinks that now is a good time to invest money into buying the material and saving on the cost.


Update on our Kiva Account Danny Ulmer 2016-11-17 00:00:00Z 0

REP Wine'd Down Social

It was a great evening of food and wine at the Sawmill as the Rotary Employment Partnership committee hosted a Wine'd Down social. 
Thank you to all that attended and just a reminder that those that did attended received a "dab" on their team's bingo card. 
REP Wine'd Down Social 2016-11-09 00:00:00Z 0
REP Wined Down Hour 2016-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Monday's Speaker: Little Pine First Nations Development 2016-11-04 00:00:00Z 0

Another Successful Rotary Event

For the 3rd year in a row, our club hosted the Rotary Halloween Family Fun Night and once again, it was a huge success.  The event was well attended with all of the 800 candy bags being given out and an easy estimate of over 1000 kids and parents attending the event throughout the evening.  Newcap TV broadcasted live from the event during the 5pm and 6pm news cast which was one of the first times they have done that.  Many positive comments were received during and after the event.  Thank you to all the volunteers and especially the sponsors that made the event possible.  Please remember to say thank you as you cross paths with any of these businesses and/or individuals:
Bioclean Disaster Services
Servus Credit Union
Newcap Broadcasting 
Midwest Family Connections
Ken Kay
Border City Furniture 
Cervus Equipment
Kings Energy Group
Violet Eyes Optometry
Culligan Waterworld
Wayside Dental
Cornerstone Lloydminster
Renown Down Hole Solutions
Silverwood Toyota
Family Pharmacy 
Calendar Club Toys and Games
City of Lloydminster 
Pleasantview Bible Camp
Another Successful Rotary Event 2016-10-31 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary October 31st

Posted by Jason Whiting on Oct 30, 2016

Date:  Monday October 31st
German Exchange Student 
Frieder Solaro
Meridian Booster Story:  http://www.meridianbooster.com/2016/11/01/deutschland-to-flat-land 
Meeting Summary October 31st Jason Whiting 2016-10-31 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary October 24th

Posted by Jason Whiting on Oct 23, 2016

Date:  Monday October 24th
Rotary District Govenor Laura Morie
Meeting Summary October 24th Jason Whiting 2016-10-24 00:00:00Z 0

Wellness Fair

Posted on Mar 14, 2016


This past week, our Rotary Club had a booth at the Lakeland College's Wellness Fair with over 50 other booths.  Other booths included local health services (yoga, Steps for Life), financial services (ATB, Servus, Synergy),  and local support services (Walking through Grief, Big Brothers Big Sisters) as examples.  Our club was asked to have a booth because growing your network and Service Above Self are certainly ways to build wellness personally and throughout our community.
Thank you to President Wayde, Jill Applegate, and Randy Aston for manning the booth and promoting our Club.
Wellness Fair 2016-03-15 00:00:00Z 0

Volunteers Needed for City of Lloydminster Family Day Fun

Posted on Feb 03, 2016
Don't forget to sign up to volunteer for a shift for City of Lloydminster's Family Day activities at the Servus Sports Centre on Monday February 15th.   The primary tasks will be to supervise children (and any Tuesday Club Members) playing on the bouncy houses, etc.   Contact Paul at pnduval02@gmail.com if you haven't signed up already.
Volunteers Needed for City of Lloydminster Family Day Fun Jason Whiting 2016-02-04 00:00:00Z 0

Donation to RCMP Youth Academy

Posted by Jason Whiting on Jan 31, 2016
On behalf of our club, we presented a cheque to Inspector Suki Manj for $500 to be put towards the RCMP Youth Academy.
The Academy will be local and will give the youth an opportunity to learn what it is like to become a police officer. 
If you have the ability to assist with a donation, please contact Staff Sergeant Joe Wenisch or Constable Grant Kirzinger at the office 780-808-8300
Donation to RCMP Youth Academy Jason Whiting 2016-02-01 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted on Jan 24, 2016
Date:  Monday January 25th
Speaker:  Dana Sandergaard
Topic:  Vocational
Meeting Summary Jason Whiting 2016-01-25 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary is Out of This World Jason Whiting 2016-01-25 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted on Jan 17, 2016
Date:  Monday January 18th
Speaker:  John Halliday
Topic:  Saskatchewan Red Cross and John's role with them
Meeting Summary Jason Whiting 2016-01-18 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Guest Speaker:      Lorein Boyce
Introduced by:      Peter Parkinson
Thanked by:          Jill Applegate
The membership was pleased to hear from Lorein Boyce, outgoing student who has just recently returned from Taiwan.  Lorein noted that her sister Hope had been the exchange student to Germany a couple of years ago. Lorein gave a very comprehensive over view of her year noting that it was one of the great experiences of her life to date.  The exchange students are to raise 1000.00 for Shelter Box, the project of Rotary International, and Lorein was pleased to report that she had accomplished this goal, with help from her club and friends.   For the whole year Lorein was able to attend Chinese classes, free of charge, which was a huge bonus for communication.  The highlight was a 10 day trip around Taiwan with the other exchange students.   Lorein also attended a Rotary club at least once a month and spoke in Chinese which helped her with her language skills.   Lorein extended her heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Rotary Club for this great opportunity and will return to the studies in engineering.
Auction Gift:    Donated by Bob Little and won by Sheldon Servold.  (The gift - an hour's plane ride with Bob at the helm - lucky guy)!
Sgt-at-Arms:    Bob Little fleeced the flock with some Q & A on politics and the upcoming election.  Hopefully, everyone left a little more informed about the candidates in our local community.
Guest Speaker next week:  Becky Schille from the Olive Tree
Meeting Summary Patricia Skinner 2015-09-26 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Guest Speaker:              Dr. Nekky Jamal
Introduced by:               Paul Harris
Thanked by:                   Gerald Gagnon
The club was pleased to have a return visit from Dr. Nekky Jamal, local dentist, who is heavily involved with water well drilling in South America.  Nekky brought the club up to date on his recent visit to Nicaragua and his latest water project.  Nekky stated that bottle water is very expensive, however pop is very cheap, therefore, all the children drink pop which is extremely hard on their teeth due to the sugar content.  Also, water is a necessity for one's general overall health and his goal is to bring water to the villages thereby improving quality of life for the inhabitants.  The Lloydminster and Border City Rotary Clubs are partnering with Nekky to raise funds for his next well drilling by way of a fundraiser on October 24th at 6:00 p.m. at The Roots.  There are only 100 tickets at a cost of $125.00 of which an income tax receipt will be issued less the cost of meal expense (yet to be determined.)  Thank you Nekky for this update on your passion for Water For All.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Les Harper and won by Brian McCook
Sgt-at-Arms Robin Acton raised some dollars for the coffer by way of a new innovation called 'Pop-Up' Sergeant.  Every Sgt got an opportunity to levy a fine from the membership rather than just one.  Thanks Robin for this new idea!!
Guest Speaker September 21st will be Lorien Boyce, student exchange to Taiwan.
Meeting Summary Patricia Skinner 2015-09-14 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - September 31, 2015
Speaker:                  Rotarian Paul Harris
Introduced by:       Dick Vokins
Thanked by:           Tara Ferguson
Speaker:  The membership were pleased to hear another vocational from one of our newer Rotarians Paul Harris.  This Paul Harris was not born in Chicago, was not raised by his grandparents, did not enroll in Princeton University, did not become a practicing lawyer, and was not the founder of Rotary International.  He was, however, born in Lloydminster, raised by his parents  in a family of eleven children, took his schooling in Lloydminster, held various jobs before settling down to raise his own family of six.  Paul gave a very interesting talk of his life and work and how he wants to make a contribution to the community in which was raised and has lived, as well as a productive Rotarian.  Thank you Paul for your presentation.
Paul was introduced by his proposer Rotarian Dick Vokins, who has known Paul for many year.
Welcome:    President Wayde welcomed new Rotarian Darryl Benson. Classification - Construction.   Darryl was proposed by Rotarian Dwaine Bexson.  
Club Auction:   Gift donated by Garth Merryweather and one by our traveling Rotarian Les Harper, who pops in from time to time! 
Registration:    Community Registration Evening to be held at the Multiplex on Thursday, September 3rd.  Rotary will have a booth at this function and anyone interested in helping please contact President Wayde.  This is another community avenue where Rotary and Rotarians  can promote themselves and the service they do in the community.
Leadership Workshop:   The 2nd Rotary Leadership Workshop 'Me and Rotary' will be held in Lloydminster on Saturday, September 19th.  This workshop is to expand club members knowledge of Rotary beyond the club level and learn more about the bigger picture of Rotary International.  The sessions share practical tips, ideas and resources from Rotary International that will assist members in their current and future Rotary roles.  Cost is $50.00 per person and will be paid for by the club.  To register on line go the Rotary Club of Lloydminster and follow the links.
Sergeant:   Paul Richer collected some money for the administration coffers through levity via the Sergeants position.  Thank you Paul
Next Week:   Labor Day Holiday on Monday, September 7th - see you on the 14th when the guest speaker will be Nekky Jamal, talking on his water project.
Meeting Summary Patricia Skinner 2015-08-31 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - August 24, 2015
Speaker:                Colleen Young, Saskatchewan MLA
Introduced by:     Paul Richer
Thanked by:         Betty Allen
Colleen Young, newly minted Saskatchewan MLA, attended the noon meeting and gave the membership an overview of her involvement in the Saskatchewan legislature since her election eight months ago.  While no notes were available at this time, Colleen is a very capable representative for the constituents, a hard worker and willing to be immersed in the duties and activities that are required of her.  Colleen has an office in Lloydminster on 49th Street and welcomed anyone to drop by at any time.  Office manager is Tracy Patterson.
Exchange Student:   Outgoing exchange student Curtis Douglas attended the meeting and  spoke briefly of his upcoming adventure as an exchange student to Italy.  Congratulations Curtis and all the best in your Rotary Exchange year.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Dave McCaw and won by Stan Bugiera
Sergeant-at-Arms:   Garth Merryweather was one of the 'new' Sgt-at-Arms  for this year raised some money for the coffers.  Thanks Garth  Keep up the good work!
Speaker Next Week:  Vocational by Rotarian Paul Harris
Meeting Summary Patricia Skinner 2015-08-24 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary – August 10
Guest Speaker:                  Dawn Riley
Introduced by:                   Rotarian Richard Young
Thanked by:                       Rotarian Paul Richer
We were pleased to welcome Dawn Riley, President of the Vermilion Rotary Club, along with several of their members, who brought us up to date on the events and activities of their club.  Dawn stated that she would like to have a closer working relationship so we support each other in our endeavors and projects in the spirit of true Rotary friendship.  It was noted that the North Battleford club had sponsored Lloydminster,  and Lloydminster in turn sponsored the Vermilion club, as well as the Wainwright Club, so we need to keep in touch with each other. 
Dawn extended a ‘curling’ invitation as Vermilion will be hosting the District Bonspiel March 3-6th 2016.  It
Thank you to Dawn and her fellow Rotarians for coming and speaking to our club today.
Paul Harris Fellow:   President Wayde presented Rotarian Paul Richer with another Paul Harris pin.  Thank you Paul for continuing to support Rotary Foundation in this way.  Rotarians were encouraged to become a Paul Harris Sustaining Member, which is a 100.00 a year contribution (US)  or an outright Paul Harris Fellow which is a $1000.00 a year contribution (US) funds.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Gord Thiel and won by Rob Saunders.  Thanks Gord.   This is another small way we raise funds for the general fund.
Sgt-at-Arms:  Jason Whiting added a few more dollars to the coffers as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Jason’s main focus this week was a short video outlining the importance of  Polio immunization.   Due to misinformation being dispensed through social media by less than knowledgeable sources Canada has dropped off with regards to immunization.  District Governor Tim spoke to the club challenging every Rotarian in the district to contribute the equivalent of a cup of coffee per week ($2), with matching funds provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (current match 2 for 1).  The Government of Canada has announced new funding for polio eradication which will match Rotary contributions 2 to 1 to a maximum of $12 million over the next four years.   Let’s get on the band wagon and stress the importance of immunization to a family and friends.  Go Rotarians!!
Community Events:   Coming events included Open Farm Days / Gourmet Meal and Wagon Week
Speakers Next Week:  Tammy Shopland / Prajakta Singh and Many Kartchmer from the Sexual Assault Centre
Thought for the Day:  To tolerate everything is to teach nothing.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - Tuesday, July 28th
Speaker:                  District Governor Tim Schilds
Introduced by:       Assistant District Governor Brenda Lee from the Vermilion Club
Thanked by:           President Wayde
The club was pleased to receive District Governor Tim and his wife Sally who are making their annual visit to all clubs in District 5370. DG Tim met with the directors prior to the noon meeting to listen to the club goals for the coming year and provide input and assistance where necessary.  The meeting presentation revolved  the 2015-16 theme  'Be A Gift to the World'  which can done in many ways in the Rotary world.  DG Tim spoke of the generous  work of Rotary Foundation, as well as the work for the ongoing Polio Plus campaign, to irradiate Polio throughout the world. There are only three pandemic countries in the world, Pakistan, Nigeria and Africa.  Rotarians were asked to advocate for the Polio vaccine in Canada as less than 50% are receiving the vaccine.  It was noted that with all the travel now, Polio is just a plane ride away.  DG Tim spoke of his project in the District 'Stop Hunger Now' and is asking the clubs to get involved in this program and end the cycle of poverty.  DG Tim hopes to package 1 million meal packs for distribution and feels this is a realistic goal if everyone is involved.  Closing thought:  You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.  Let's be a Gift to the World.
District Conference:     The membership were encouraged to sign up for the District Conference in Dawson Creek, October 1-4
Auction Gift:       Donation by Paul Richer - won by John Halliday.
Sgt-at-Arms:    Sheldon Servold raised a few dollars for the coffers - thanks Sheldon
Looking Ahead:   To the Million Dollar Dinner in Edmonton April 22-23/16  Information to follow later  but mark your calendars now.
Next Monday:   No meeting - Civic Holiday - August 3rd .   See you on August 10th when the guest speaker will be the Vermilion President, Dawn Riley.
Thank You:    To Rotarians Wayde Blythe and Glenn Fagan, who gave District Governor Tim and his wife Sally a tour of the City following the noon meeting.
Thought for the Day:    Life is a long lesson in humility
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - July 20
Speaker:                   Doug Rodwell
Introduced by:        Rotarian Glenn Fagnan
Thanked by:             Rotarian Greg Hnatuk
The membership were pleased to hear from Doug Rodwell, General Manager of Public Safety for the City of Lloydminster.  Doug spoke on the current and ongoing programs presently under the directive of the City of Lloydminster.  Doug's opening remark focused on the photo radar locations throughout the city and the need for ongoing patrol in this area.  Photo radar is not designed as a 'money grab' for the City, but simply to bring attention to designated areas throughout the city that require our attention for the safety of all people.   He also stated that photo radar would 'not be going away any time soon' so residents need to remain alert and respective of this program.  Doug also spoke on other areas such as enhanced communication and/or liaison with the City and continuing  upgrades throughout.
CLUB AUCTION:  Gift donated by Sheldon Servold and won by Robin Acton.
MEMBERSHIP:    Proposed for membership, Darryl Benson (Proposed by Dwaine Bexson).  Any objections to be received in writing to the President within seven days.
DREAM VACATION WINNERS:   Trip - Evan Davis, sold by Barry Davis;  100.00 -  Musgrave Office, sold by Chris Benoit;  50.00 - Lisa Miller, sold by Ron Gillies.
RESIGNATIONS:   Have been received from Rotarian John Kavanagh (work transfer) and Rotarian Ken Kay (unable to make the meetings).
THANK YOU CARD:  From Dick and Donna Arie for the club sponsored supper at the Legion Hall for the Texas 4000 riders.
NEXT WEEK:   Visit from District Governor Tim Schilds;  meeting changed to Tuesday, July 28th  NO MONDAY MEETING
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little.
Yours in Rotary - Pat
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner

Meeting Summary - July 13


Guest Speaker:          Rotarian Tara Ferguson

Introduced by:           Rotarian Paul Richer

Thanked by:               Rotarian Dick Vokins


New Rotarian Tara Ferguson gave her Vocational talk to the membership.  Tara spoke of her early childhood, schooling and extra circular activities, and then a very good overview of her vocation up to her present position as Manager of 17th Street Credit Union.   The vocational presentations are always informative and appreciated by the membership as it helps Rotarians know each other better and in a way that they would not normally be discussed in general conversations.  Thank you Tara for your presentation.


Presentation:   Leah Boyer, a Grade 11 student from Holy Rosary High School, gave a short presentation on her upcoming trip to China.  Leah has recently been selected as  Junior Team Canada Youth Ambassador on the upcoming Trade Mission to China in August, organized by Global Vision.  Leah had contacted the Rotary Club seeking partnership for this endeavor and the directors were in agreement to make a contribution to her.  Following her talk, President Wayde presented Leah with a cheque for $500.00 from the club to be allocated toward this lifetime opportunity and experience.


Presentation:  President Wayde presented Randy Aston with his third Paul Harris Fellow pin.  Congratulations Randy!


Auction Gift:   Donated by Dick Vokins and won by Dave McCaw.


Stg-At-Arms:   Peter Parkinson separated the Rotarians from their money by involving all the membership in a new question and answer game.  Thanks Peter - good idea and enjoyed by all.


DG Visit:   District Governor Tim Schilds will be making a visit to the club on Tuesday, July 28th  NO NOON MEETING ON MONDAY THE 27TH. 


Thought for the Day:   By working faithfully 8 hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work 12 hours a day.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - July 6, 2015
Guest Speaker:     President Wayde Blythe
Thanked by:          Rotarian Paul Richer
July marks the beginning of new Rotary year and President Wayde spoke to the membership outlining the goals and vision for his year.  Before that, however, Wayde gave his Vocational, which is always interesting,  as many of the members were not in the club when Wayde gave his first Vocational. 
The Rotary International Theme for 2015-16 is BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD and Wayde stated that his vision is to see the club, not only as a gift to the world, but, be a gift to the community.  We can do that by bringing a greater awareness of  what Rotary is about, get the club more involved in the community and, by accomplishing these goal we wil see increased membership.
Other ways that Wayde would like to engage is the club is by meaningful projects in the community, new ideas, International projects, club assemblies to keep the membership engaged and knowledgeable, and  more partnering on projects with the Border City Club. 
There is an old saying that we should reflect on as we fulfill these duties as Rotarians:  "I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now.  Let me not deter nor neglect if, for I shall not pass this way again.
So, Rotarians, let us join together to be the Gift of Rotary to Lloydminster and the world.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Ron Gillies and won by 'Past President' Richard Young. A well deserved winner after all the hard work as 'Past President'.
Stg-At-Arms:  Greg Hilderman gathered in some coinage from the membership, for the operating fund,  all the while doing it with levity and fellowship.  Thanks Greg!
Next Monday:   Guest Speaker will be one of our newer Rotarians Tara Ferguson, giving her vocational.
Thought for the Day:   Why can't somebody give us a list of things that everybody thinks and nobody says, and another list of things that everybody says and nobody thinks.   Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - June 15, 2015
Guest Speaker:             Wendy Plandowksi - Lloydminster Region Health Foundation
Introduced by:               Rotarian Bob Little
Thanked by:                  Rotarian Brian McCook
We were pleased to welcome Wendy Plandowski back for a 'guest appearance' to speak to the club on the goals, achievements and insights of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.  Wendy gave a comprehensive coverage concerning the many aspects of the Foundation with reference made to some of the following items:
The two year effort of heavy Physician Recruitment has paid off with the result that there is now some competition which is positive for the residents of the community
Lloydminster is a Regional Care Centre and the Foundation has been busy dispensing dollars in many health care areas  such as Maturity Upgrade, Cardiac Care Centre, Maternity, Back-Up Chemistry Analysis, Vein Unit, Defibrillators, Pill Package Unit  just to name a few.
Big projects include the redevelopment of the Hospital to expand services, increase beds,the possible relocation of the Dialysis Unit and long term expansion at PIoneer Lodge,
The new strategic plan is going to be a big goal and chairman Darryl Howell asked the board members to think of a 'big, hairy, audacious goal' which has resulted in having Lloydminster named Canada's Healthiest Community;  this will be a long term goal - maybe 10-20 years but it is achievable and everyone is looking forward to this huge undertaking and challenge.
2015-16 EXECUTIVE:  Acting President Wayde presented the names of the executive and directors for the coming year:  President - Wayde Blythe; Incoming President Jason Whiting, Secretary Treasurer - Jason Whiting, Directors:  Garth Rowswell - Services II, Richard Young - Marketing/PR, Tyler Morrissette - Services I , Charlene Rowein - Membership,  Danny Ulmer - International.
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Jason Whiting and NOT won by Peter Parkinson, but by Jason's dad - Don Whiting!!   Peter's moment of glory was his birthday - a milestone, so we can only guess the number!!
SGT-AT-ARMS - Greg Hilderman's levity helped raise some money for the coffers.
NEXT WEEK - No noon meeting.   The meeting has been moved to Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. and the club will express their appreication to President Richard for his year of leadership.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - June 8, 2015
Speaker:            Teressa  Kruecki
Topic:                 Thorpe Recovery Centre
Introduced by:    Rotarian Dick Vokins
Thanked by:       Rotarian Paul Harris
Our speaker today was Teressa Kruecki, who gave us an overview of the programs at the Thorpe Recovery Centre.  Reference was made to the following:
The Walter A "Slim" Thorpe Recover Centre is a non-profit organization that began in teh nurses' residence of the original Lloydminster Hospital as a two bed detox unit for chemically dependent individuals
The Centre has expanded to a full treatment Centre into what Thorpe is today, a state-of-the-art facility in Blackfoot, Alberta
Facilities include, 5 classroom, double occupancy, men's and ladies dining room, large commercial kitchen  houses within 54,000 sq ft on 34 acres
There is 72 beds; 12 in Detox; 12 in ladies dorm; 48 in men's dorm
It is an accredited residential treatment Centre; standards incorporate healthcare regulations, federal and provincial legislation
Funding can received through Fee for service (56%); Alberta Gov't (13%); Sask Gov't (11%); Employer (3%); rental (5%)' misc (3%); donations (12%)
Admissions between Jan-March 2015 was 103; need calls 213; for a total 415 calls
Programming support:  24/7 nursing staff; psychologist - physical/social/spiritual assessment; nurse practitioners
Process addictions include gambling, sexual, eating and spending
Refresher programming is available
A 4 day family program is available, specifically designed for anyone whose life has been effected by someone else's addition
Currently clients have a 90.2% completion rate of the program
For more information check out their website @ www.thorperecoverycentre.org
Club Auction Gift - donated by Don Whiting and won AGAIN AND AGAIN by Mike Sidoryk
Sergeant-at-Arms - Bob Little raised some dollars for the coffers most by way of 'Happy Bucks" - thanks Bob!
Next Week - Regular meeting on June 15th is being moved to the Lloydminster Rescue Squad Building;  Beef on a Bun / salad / desserts / followed by a tour of their facility.
Thought for the Day:   First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. E. Scott Fitzgerald
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary June 1, 2015
Guest Speaker:      Vocational by new Rotarian Rawrie Bullock
Introduced by:         Proposer Khurston Bullock
Thanked by:            Rotarian Dick Vokins
The membership were pleased to hear a Vocational from one of our newer Rotarians Rawrie Bullock.
Rawrie gave a brief overview of her life/vocation to date which allowed the membership to get to know her better.
Thank you Rawrie for you talk today.
Community Needs:  Several Rotarians continue to participate with the Meals on Wheels program on Friday afternoons, however, due to the upcoming summer holidays it may be more difficult to find people to continue on and/or fill in.  If you are able to help please give Rotarian Paul DuVal a call so he can put you his list of contacts. In addition, should anyone have any ideas for some short term projects in the community please let Paul know so he can follow-up with your suggestions.
Chamber BBQ - The Rotary Employment program is hosting the noon Chamber of Commerce BBQ on June 10th.  Come our for some noontime food and fellowship.  Everyone welcome.
Sincere sympathy - is extended to the family of Glenys Coleman on the passing of her mother, May Reeves.  May was the wife of our past District Governor Clayton Reeves (1985-86),  May was a long time resident of the community and teacher, a quiet and caring person and a great support to her family.  The funeral service will be on Thursday, June 4th at 10:30 a.m. - location not yet confirmed.
Auction Gift - donated by Dave McCaw and NOT won by Peter Parkinson, but one of our guests, namely Jacilynn Martinson.
Sergeant-At-Arms - was Rotarian Robin Acton who raised some dollars for the club today.
Next Week - the guest speaker will be Teressa Kreukl from the Thorpe Recover Centre.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - May 25/15
President Richard was pleased preside over the induction ceremony of three new Rotarians for membership in the Rotary Club of Lloydminster.
Rawrie Bullock - Classification Retail Sales - proposed by Khurston Bullock
Tara Ferguson - Classification Financial Services - proposed by Paul Richer
John Halliday - Classification Non-Profit - proposed by Glenn Fagnan
Rotarian Gerry Gehlen read the Charge and extended the right hand of Rotary Fellowship to the three new inductees, along with their Members Kit.
President Richard affixed their Rotary pins and the membership extended a warm welcome to the Rotary Family.
Following the induction, one of the newer Rotarians Garth Merryweather gave his Vocational.  Garth was proposed by Paul Richer and his classification is Insurance.  Vocationals provide the membership with the opportunity  to get to know their fellow Rotarians on a more personal level.  Thank you Garth for your presentation, spattered throughout with a good deal of humour.  As Will Rogers said, 'we are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can'.
Sympathy was extended to Rotarian Paul DuVal on the passing of the Mother.
Auction Gift donated by Wayde Blythe and AGAIN won by Peter Parkinson.  There should be some limit on the number of times Peter can win me thinks!!
Dream Vacation winners were announced by Charlene Rowein:   Trip won by David Lopez; 100.00 by Michele DeSchover;  50.00 by Mike Schmipf.
Sergeant-at-Amrs Jason Whiting filled in today and was able to extract some change from those present.
Next Week's speaker To Be Announced.   Watch for an e-mail near you!
Closing Thought:  Life is a long lesson in humility.
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summer

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - May 11
Guest Speaker:       Nekky Jamal,
Introduced by:         Rotarian Gerry Gehlen
Thanked by:            Rotarian John Kavanagh
Local dentist, Nekky Jamal, spoke to the club on the Dental Services & Water Projects in South America that he has been involved with for a few years.   
Nekky has been making a yearly visit to a village in South America providing free dental services to the local residents as his way of contributing his services on the global scene.
While the majority of the work revolves around dental oral hygiene, the major cause is the lack and availability of good, clean water.  It is simply unsafe to drink.
It is mandatory that the people have clean water to drink, which in turn will decrease the amount of pop they consume, which, of course,  is loaded with sugar.
Nekky is working with local geologists in  the development, training and drilling of water wells in the community.  He is looking to District 5370 for a grant to continue, as it is impossible to do this work with one person funding the project.  By drilling wells, this will also serve the residents of the surrounding communities and help further the 'ripple' effect on a global scale.  It was noticeable that the membership were most interested by their involvement in the  Q & A session and were willing to become involved in the project in whatever way they could.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Ron Gillies and won by Dwight Mushtaler.
Sergeant-at-Arms  Mike Sidoryk was able to put some money in the bank with levity and member involvement.  Thanks Mike
No meeting Monday, May 18th - Victoria Day
On May 25 we will induct our newest members into Rotary namely:  Rawrie Bullock, John Halliday, Paul Harris and Tara Ferguson.   A vocational will be given by Garth Meryweather.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - May 4, 2015
SPEAKER               Rotarian Gerry Gehlen - Vocational
Thanker:                  Rotarian Dick Vokins
Today the membership heard from one of their own, Rotarian Gerry Gehlen, who came a brief overview of his Vocational on Appraising 101.  Appraising is the art/science of estimating the value of identified rights in real property and Gerry spoke on the many facets of  'Appraisal' and gave a comprehensive review of the following:
Real Estate - Physical, land and attachments
Real Property - Interest, benefits and rights inherent in the ownership of physical real estate - bundle of rights (use, lease, give away, mortgage, do nothing)
Property Interests - included Economic, Legal, Physical, Financial
Powers of Government that are associated with these interests are Taxation, Expropriation, Police Power and Escheat (reverting of property to government)
Types of Value - Market, Usage (value for its specific use)
Forces That Influence Value -  Social, Economic, Government controls, Environment, Climate (natural barrier, contaminants), Assessed, Total Assets of a business, Cost (replacement/reproduction)
Uses of Appraisals - Financing, Tax Matters, Litigation, Consulting
Depreciation - Physical, Functional, Economic
Benchmarks - Land value; New builds, Speculation property, price range and services
Methods of Determining Value - Cost, Direct comparison approach, Income Approach
Unique Issues - Cost vs 'market' value, Land value adjacent to special us, Lease implication, Surface leases
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Jackie Dearden and won by Mike 'Lucky' Sidoryk
THANK YOU - to the many Rotarians who worked at the Lobsterfest on May 2nd, making it another successful Rotary event.
STG-AT-ARMS - Tag team today with Robin Acton and Jason Whiting helping to raise some money from both sides of the room.
SPEAKER - Next week is Nekky Jamal, a local dentist who volunteers dental service in Central and South American as well as being instrumental in providing clean water to various communities in that region..
That's all for today and  'May the Fourth be With You'
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Meeting Summer

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - April 28
SPEAKER:        Delaney Bruneau
Introduced by:   Rotarian Wayde Blythe
Thanked by       Rotarian Gerald Gagnon
We were pleased to have Delaney Bruneau speak to the club on her experience as the Outgoing Student to Warsaw, Poland in August 2013.  Delaney spoke highly of her host family and how they bonded immediately. The school season started in September and for the first couple of weeks it was a challenge to talk with the other students, however, it didn't take long to move out of her comfort zone and she soon began making friends and having fun both  in and out of the classroom.   At the end of October the exchange students went on a  7 day trip through central Europe, had many student meet-ups in November, a special meeting with everyone over Christmas and in the middle of January a move to her next host family.  On March 17 the unthinkable happened and Delaney was hit by a bus while in a crosswalk. She was taken to the hospital for emergency medical attention and sustained a shattered pelvis, broken hips, ruptured bladder, uterus and urinary tract along with shock & post-traumatic stress.  She had three major surgeries, with a fourth needed to fix the stitches and take out a blood clot in her leg.   She had 17 blood transfusions but she said it was imperative to remain positive in all steps of recovery and healing.  After 45 days in hospital. Delany came home to Lloydminster and spent two weeks in the hospital and then eight weeks in Saskatoon.   Delaney is currently taking physio every week and working as much as her body allows at Father Gorman Community School doing different programs.  In September Delaney plans on studying at Lakeland College for a University transfer into Education. Rotarians were truly happy to know that Delaney is on the road to recovery and many hugs were given and received at the end of the meeting.  Yah Delaney!!!!!!   Notation:   Delaney stated that her host mother and family were so wonderful and supportive during this whole duration of her stay.
AUCTION GIFT:  Donated by Danny Ulmer and won by Amador Lopez.
SPEAKER NEXT WEEK - Gerry Gehlen - updated his Vocation and speaking on Appraising 101.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - April 20, 2015
Speakers:          Dick and Donna Arie
Topic:               Texas 4000 for Cancer
Introduced by:   Rotarian Don Whiting
Thanked by:      Rotarian Chris Benoit
Our speakers today were Dick and Donna Arie, long time residents of Lloydminster and staunch volunteers in the Cancer Society.   Today's presentation covered the following:
Who:    A group of young, athletic cyclists from the US of A biking over 4,700 miles in aid of Cancer awareness.
What:  Texas 4000 for Cancer hosts the longest annual charity bike ride in the world,leading 45 cyclists from Austin      Texas to Anchorage Alaska to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer.  This trip is to be done in 70 days with an average ride each day of 70 miles with each rider expected to raise $4,500.  To date, Texas has raised over 4M.  Every 7-8 days each rider takes on "SAG" duty and drives a vehicle in lieu of biking.  This provides an opportunity for them to rest their muscles and prepare for the following day. 
When:  A group of 26 will be riding through Lloydminster on July 13, 2015
Dick was asking if the Lloydminster Rotary would host this group of young people by way of a supper at the Legion Hall.  The Border City Rotary club will be providing their breakfast.
WELCOME :  President Richard welcomed two new Rotarians to the club today.  
Rawrie Bullock, proposed by Khurston Bullock;  Classification- Retail.    Rawrie is Manager of Fabuton Salons
Tara Ferguson, proposed by Paul Richer;  Classification:  Financial Services.  Tara is Bank Manager at the 18th Street Crossing Servus Branch.
PRESENTATION - President Richard made a $3,000.00 donation to Wendy Plandowski of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.  These funds will be used to purchase three AED's and placed at locations in the community selected by the club.
AUCTION GIFT - Donated by John Kavanagh and won by our guest Dick Arie.
1st Prize - Richelle Kube - ticket sold by Jason Whiting
2nd Prize - Tannis Boissonnault ticket sold by Glenda Elkow
3rd Prize - Richard Wack - ticket sold by Don Whiting
SERGEANT AT ARMS - Bob Little used some levity and raised a few dollars for the kitty.
LOSTERFEST TICKETS - are still available.  Sales are slower this year and there are approximately 150 tickets left to sell.
ONE HOUR A WEEK - Paul DuVal was pleased to report on the success of the 'One Hour a Week' program which affords Rotarians an opportunity to become involved in local community endeavors.  At present,several Rotarians are involved with Meals on Wheels and thoroughly enjoying this program.  We could still use more volunteers.   Also, the Interval Home is looking for some 'strong arms' that would do pick-up service on Thursday evenings of furniture or heavier items to help with their stocking operations.  This would take about 1 1/2 hour s of your time, so if anyone is interested please give Paul a call.
PROGRAM NEXT WEEK - Delaney Bruneau, our exchange student from Lloydminster, who went to Pollard last year and suffered a severe accident while overseas.  Delaney will speak to us on what happened and how her recovery is progressing.
That's all for this week
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - April 13, 2015
Speaker:             AJ Mokelky
Topic:                 Junior Achievement
Introduced by:    Randy Aston
Thanked by:       Barry Davis
We were pleased to hear from AJ Mokelky on Junior Achievement in Lloydminster.    Junior Achievement is the largest non profit organization in the world dedicated to educating youth about:  business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness.  As of February 2015 Junior Achievement programs are being delivered in Lloydminster Schools.  This is the result of a partnership between Junior Achievement Saskatchewan and the Regional Business Accelerator.  They will be in over 40 classrooms this school year, reaching over 1,000 students from Grades 6 - 11.  The Grade 7 program focuses on diversity and work readiness.  The Grade 8 program on understanding their finances and the Grade 9 program on career planning and job opportunities.  Junior Achievement programs are supported by the business community of the cities they operate in.  Lloydminster is currently seeking volunteers and sponsors for a variety of programs to be delivered in the coming months and the following school year.
Visiting Rotarians :  Ed Andersen and Paul Klaasen from the Border City Club.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Darryl Oster and won by Peter Parkinson
Proposed for Membership by President Richard:  
John Halliday - Proposed by Glenn Fagnan; Classification:  Non-Profit (Red Cross)
Rawrie Bullock - Proposed by Khurston Bullock; Classifciation: Retail   (Manager of Fabutan)
Tara Ferguson - Proposed by Paul Richer:  Classification: Financial Services (Bank Manager at 17th Ave Servus CU)
Any objections to be in writing to President Richard within seven days.
Lobsterfest Tickets:   Are still available.  You may phone Dwight Mushtaler at 780.808.2223
Charter Night:  Rotarian Garth Rowswell attended Charter Night at the Vermilion Rotary Club on Sunday, April 5th and extended greeters from the Lloydminster Rotary Club. Great evening of fellowship and presentations with some ideas to be considered for our club!
Sargeant-at-Arms:  Mike Sidoryk added a few dollars to the coffers on this 'International Scrabble Day'
Speaker Next Week:  Will send out a blanket e-mail when confirmed.
KIVA:   President Richard gave an update of the KIVA activity for our club.  We have made a total of 1,192 loans in 61 countries totaling $7,651 US.   
Yours in Rotary
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Lobsterfest 2015

Posted by Richard Young on Mar 22, 2015
Get your tickets now for Lobsterfest 2015. Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the Lloydminster Exhibtion Grounds - Stockade Convention Center. 
Steak and Lobster Supper, followed by a Dance - music from One Cent Melon.
Tickets $70 each. Contact Dwight at Midwest Communication for tickets or for more information - 780.808.2223
Lobsterfest 2015 Richard Young 2015-03-23 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - March 23, 2015
Speakers:           Harold and Diane Stephan
Topic:                 Battle River Ranch,  Lloydminster
Introduced by:    President Richard Young
Thanked by:       Rotarian Tyler Morrissettee
Harold and Diane Stephan made a presentation on the Battle River Ranch South of Lloydminster, the only one of its kind in Canada. 
In conversation with a local farmer in April of '08 Stephan spoke of his desire to establish a business that would teach people to develop their skills (hidden or otherwise) that would build their self esteem and make them happy and productive in their journey of life.  It was than that prayers were answered and the farmer made an 80 acre donation of land for this purpose. As they say, the rest is history.  If  people are happy in their work they are more productive. Stephan noted that more than 70% of people do not like their job but it is necessary in order to make a living for their families.
Their Mission Statement is to equipment people with the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace, to cultivate in them a character that contributes to the community and to nurture in them a heart that seeks to honor God in all areas of life, that they may live purposeful and satisfying lives as productive members of the work force, their community, and their church.
They offer a different trade skill each day of the week such as Plumbing and Heating, Carpentry, Welding, Mechanics,and  Electrical and then Saturday is Community Involvement Day where anyone can come to the Ranch and help out wherever necessary.  When their course is complete it is the responsibility of the Ranch to find them a job with a good employer so they can become productive,  responsible members of the community.
At the conclusion of their talk, President Richard made a $5,000.00 to the Ranch, from the Rotary Club,  as part of his President's project for this year.
Auction Winner was Ron Gillies - gift donated by Mike Sidoryk.
Upcoming Events:   Me and Rotary - May 9th  This is a one day workshop 9:00 - 4:30 and would be of particular benefit to newer Rotarians. Registration to be done on-line at the District Web Site
Sgt-at-Arms Bob Little raised some dollars by way of an 'educational presentation' based on the 50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know.  There is no way of telling if Rotarians left the meeting with more knowledge than when they arrived!!
Next Week:   Guest Speaker is Perry Floen, Atco
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - March 16, 2015
Guest Speakers:    Pat Varga, Immediate Past Dominion President of the Royal Canadian Legion
                               Wayne Williams, Service Officer, Branch 39, Lloydminster
                               Ryan Ference - Wounded Warriors Program
Introduced by:        Rotarian Vivian Pengelly
Thanked by:           Rotarian Jason Whiting
The Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Legion offers many programs to help Veterans and their families:
A Provincial Service Officer to provide one on one assistance - located in Regina
Leave the Streets Behind Homeless Program -  for Veterans; to assist homeless and near homeless to find lodging and to provide one on one assistance
Discover the Power in Me - a seminar for those suffering from PTSD.  This is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Legions, The Pacific Institute and Wounded Warrior Weekend.
PAWS for Veterans Saskatchewan- to make aware and educate the people of Saskatchewan to respect the service dog and to fund raise to purchase service dogs for Veterans in Saskatchewan.
Ryan Ference spoke on the Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation fundraiser which is taking place in Lloydminster on May 23rd.  Tickets and information are available at the Lloydminster Branch 825.2521   For every $100.00 raised Ryan will carry one pound of weigh on this back while treking.  Jason Whiting challenged the club and put the first $20.00 in and in a few seconds the club raised $325.00 so Ryan has to add another 3 1/2 pounds to his load.  Go Ryan!
Auction Gift - donated by Charles Lamb and won by Greg Hnatuk.
March Dream Vacation Winners:
Trip:  Teresa Thorpe (Prince Edward Island Getaway) - ticket sold by Wayde Blythe
$ 100.00 -  Shelene Davies (ticket sold by Jason Whiting)
$ 50.00 - Jill Applegate (ticket sold to herself)
Sgt-at-Arms Greg Hilderman was on duty again and raised some dollars for the coffers.
Next Week:  Speakers are Harold and Diane Stephan, from the Battle River Ranch.  This is one of the organizations that President Richard is supporting during his leadership year.  He will be donating $5,000.00 to the Ranch. The other recipient of his choice was The Olive Tree, who have already spoken to the club and received their donation.
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting Summary March 9, 2015
SPEAKER:                  Jay Thaker, National Manager, Aboriginal Housing Program
TOPIC:                       "Statement of Understanding" between Habitat for Humanity and the Assembly of First Nations of Canada 
INTRODUCED BY:    Vivian Pengelly
THANKED BY:           Jackie Dearden
Founded in 1985, Habitat for Humanity Canada is a national, non-profit organization working toward a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. Their mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to break the cycle of poverty in Canada and around the world.
Habitat for Humanity Canada introduced Aboriginal Housing Program in 2007 as a Pilot program and seeks to better understand the distinct housing challenges faced by Aboriginal Peoples, expanding affordable homeownership possibilities for low-income Aboriginal families.  Building on the initial success under the Aboriginal Housing Program Pilot (AHP), Habitat for Humanity Canada formalized its Aboriginal Housing Program in 2012. Following the official launch of AHP, the program has capitalized on new partnerships; and Habitat affiliates have partnered with over 80 Aboriginal families to help them realize affordable homeownership.
A total of 119 Aboriginal families have partnered with Habitat since 2007; and 33% of these homes are build in partnership with Aboriginal housing groups and Aboriginal communities. The Aboriginal partners’ contribution includes providing Habitat access to land, and housing units on retrofit projects for transformation of rental housing stock in to Habitat’s affordable homeownership.
Although most of these homes have been built in urban areas; increasingly efforts are being made to work with Aboriginal communities on their Traditional Territories; and affiliates are experiencing some success.
Historic moments during 2014 included:
•             Celebration of 100th Aboriginal partnership home being built by Habitat Edmonton at Slave Lake, Alberta;
•             Launch of first “on Reserve project”- Habitat Lloydminster partnered with Flying Dust First Nation to build an Elders’ Lodge and to retrofit vacated homes for younger families.
Habitat for Humanity Lloydminster in partnership has launched a historic project with Flying Dust First Nation. The partnership is taking a comprehensive approach to resolve the shortfall of housing in a sustained manner by constructing a much needed Elder’s Lodge. Then underutilized Elders’ and Band homes will be retrofitted for younger families to realize their dream of homeownership. The concept of “housing continuum”, which Canadian households take for granted, does not currently exist on First Nation Land.
The project will provide First Nations members:
•             Opportunities for youth to obtain training and skills in construction
•             Enhanced awareness for maintenance and management of homes
•             Community pride through volunteerism to give back.
AUCTION GIFT:     Donated by Khurston Bullock and won by Rotarian Bob Little
ITEMS OF INTEREST:     Continue to be involved in the One Hour a Month Volunteer Program; will be looking for other programs in the City to become involved with.
                                          Help support the Border City Club with their 'Work and Leisure Raffle'; tickets are $100.00 each
                                          Rotary Leadership Program - scheduled for Saturday, May 9th 9:00 - 4:00 p.m.  Cost $50.00 per person
                                          This would be a good workshop for new Rotarians, but we welcome everyone.\
THANK YOU - to Greg Hilderman for filling in as Sergeant this week, using his usual humor while extracting a few dollars from those present.
SPEAKER NEXT WEEK:  Pat Varga & Wayne Williams (Royal Canadian Legion)  
                                          Many soldiers have trouble adjusting to civilian life once they leave the service and frequently turn to drinking or drugs.  Too often this trend can lead
                                          to homelessness.   Pat and Wayne will talk about the "Leaving the Streets Behind" program as well as the Wounded Warrior fundraiser in the City in May.
That's all for this week.
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Sumeray

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - March 2, 2015
Guest Speaker:      Rotarian Les Harper
Introduced by:        Rotarian Paul Richer
Thanked by:           Amy Harper
Thank you to Les Harper for filling in as guest speaker as our scheduled person was unable to make the meeting.  Les gave an overview of the Tip Toe Trip and noted the following:
29 students went on the trip - the most they have ever taken to Yellowknife
Combined Districts 5360 and 5370 with 12 students from the South and 17 students from the North
Very grateful to those who have pioneered this project in the past but now that we have graduated to one 'big' bus this will now become the norm:  had a great bus driver, his second year, who also is enjoying this experience
The students had the opportunity to get to know one another on the trip up and on the way home everyone had found a new friend
The whole event was hosted by the Native run school in Yellowknife and they stated that this is truly their highlight of the year to be acting as hosts for this program
Lots of hand games, dancing, hiking, jigging, dog sledding and much more
Theme song this year was 'Sweet Caroline' referring to our incoming student Caroline from France who had to return home earlier than planned; they really missed her
The Calgary Rotary Club were able to send up several boxes of books in the bus to be distributed to three different community libraries further North than Yellowknife which was going to be delivered by plane
CBC was present and did some interviews
Thank you to all Rotarians for their continued support and encouragement of this very worthwhile event for the students
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Garth Rowswell and won by Sheldon Servold
VOLUNTEER PROJECT - Paul DuVal thanked the Rotarians who have become involved in their One Hour a Month volunteer program of delivering 'Meals on Wheels'.  Have 8 Rotarians signed up and looking forward to more.  Paul will have a roster draw up in the near future to help everyone plan ahead. 
DISTRICT TRAINING PROGRAM - Would like to have a training program in Lloydminster with tentative dates of May 9th or June 27th.  Will send out a blanket e-mail to the Rotarians so you can consider this matter further.  Cost is $50.00 each and a sign-up sheet will be circulated next week.
SGT-AT ARMS - Stan Bugiera was able to prior some dollars from the pockets of those in attendance with levity and spontaneity.  Thank you Stan
BORDER CITY CLUB - will again be hosting their Irish Pub Night on March 14th.  Tickets are available from members of their club.
NEXT WEEK - the guest speaker will be Jay Thakar, National Manager, Aboriginal Housing Program with Habitat for Humanity Canada, speaking on the Statement of Understanding with the Assembly of First Nationals in Canada and to actively explore homeownership as an option in meeting housing needs. 
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - February 24, 2015
Speakers:         Rotarians Candace Odishaw and Michelle Benning from the Border City Club
Presentation:    Rotary International Friendship Exchange Trip to India
Introduced by:  Don Whiting
Thanked by:     Wayde Bythe
Candace and Michelle gave a joint presentation on their recent Rotary exchange trip to India.  While it is difficult to cover all the interesting places and things that did on their the following are a few of the highlights:
It was a 30 hour journey from Edmonton to India along;  their tour also included 11 other people from Jasper, Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Fort St. John
Their host families were gracious, the food was excellent (some spicy) and the friendships were forging
They toured the Kirti Mandir Museum, one of the oldest in the world with books dating back hundreds of years; a special gift in the museum was from the US which was a miniature collection of Shakespeare,  complete with a magnifying glass for viewing; several books in the library were as small as an inch in size
Places they toured included the Royal Palace, a Rotary dialysis unit, a couple of Safaris, a water reservoir project which was a joint project with the Rotary Club of Kelowna; a Rotary Park (the only public park in Amrelie which has a population of 250,000); a water filtration system, kite flying at the Uttrayan Kite festival, a Jewelgoldi factory, a Rotary hospital, and many other points of interest
One of the their most memorable moments was the National India polio vaccination day which they were able to participate in
Both Rotarians stated that this trip has and will change their lives for ever
STG-AT-ARMS - Mike Sidoryk took a few coins from those present.
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Jill Applegate and won by Peter Parkinson
SPEAKER NEXT WEEK:    - A vocational by Rotarian Vivian Pengelly
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting Summary - February 9, 2015
Speaker:               Neil Harris - Lloydminster Men's Shelter & Homes for All  (Lloydminster Social Action Coalition Society- LSACS)
Introduced by:       Rotarian Dick Vokins
Thanked by:          Rotarian Paul DuVal
Neil spoke to the membership on the current status of the Lloydminster Men's Shelter and made reference to the following:
LSACS was started in 1998
Early goal was to provide fundraising and awareness for all the homeless
A decision was the made to focus on emergency housing for homeless men
In 2001, the Lloydminster Rotary Club raised $10,000. to put toward a Men's Shelter in Lloydminster
2007 Dr. Eugene Gibney took the lead role, along with a board of directors
2008 the Men's Shelter opened
It is a 28 bed 'dorm style' facility with bunk beds, large washroom/shower, basic kitchen, dining area and office
Annual budget is $460,000
12 fulltime and casual staff
Hours of operation: out at 8:00 a.m. and can return at 5:00 p.m. - operates 7 days a week
Length of stay is 21 days (but this is not long enough and there are extensions)
Daily stats are collected on a national homeless data base and submitted every morning to Alberta Housing in Lloydminster
Main reason is that the clients cannot afford the current rental rates as they are in lower to medium income brackets
Funding is received from Alberta and Saskatchewan but they need more
Have had many generous donations from businesses and individuals in and around the community; could not continue without these generous gifts
Next fundraising event - Coldest Night of the Year - February 21st
Vancouver Island Fishing Trip - Andrew Gardner  (ticket sold by Don Whiting)
$100.00 - Joan Bork, Lloydminster  (ticket sold by Wayde Blythe)
$ 50.00 - Rawrie Bullock, Marwayne  (ticket sold by Khurston Bullock)
International Women's Day Luncheon - March 5th @ The Legacy Centre
Rotary Employment Partnership Program have an extensive list of 'job seekers' ;  Rotarians were asked to provided helpful feedback to the Jill Applegate or Jason Whiting if they had any thoughts and/or suggestions for job expansion from the list provided
Names were put in the hat for draw of those who supported Radio Days; the winner to receive two Lobsterfest Tickets; Lucky person was Dick Vokins
Still looking for volunteers to help with Meals on Wheels; time required is only one hour a week
SGT-AT-ARMS - Jason Whiting collected money for coffers while expanding the knowledge of Rotarians about Valentine's Day
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   'A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats it's weakest members.'  Ghandi
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting Summary - February 2, 2015
Guest Speaker:        Tyler Morrissette - Vocational
Introduced by:           Rotarian Paul Richer (his proposer)
Thanked by:              Rotarian Glenn Deschover
The club were pleased to hear another vocational - this time from Rotarian Tyler Morressette . A few interesting facts about Tyler:
He was born in Regina and grew up in Moose Jaw
Tyler held a variety of  jobs before returning to college; these jobs included working at a Bowling Alley, delivering PIzza;  working at Ontario Rubber as a Press Operator;  worked on a Plow crew burying telephone lines in the ground;  spraying fiberglass into molds for Next Raider; worked for Beatrice as a Milk Man for 3 years;
During one of his layoffs Tyler traveled to Australia and Indonesia for six month.
Tyler went back to school at age 28 - CADD TECH SIAST in Moose Jaw and upon completion of his studies Tyler moved to Lloydminster and worked for 12 years as a Drafting Manager at Midwest Lloyd
He started his own business in February 2010 - as an Instructor at Lakeland;  he quit in August 2013 to focus on mainly Oilfield, Mechancial and occational Commercial.
Tyler's  works from his home in his business and he currently has 7 fulltime employees and 11 casual employees; 4 fulltime and all casuals also work from their own home
Tyler was name 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce
Thank You Tyler for letting us know about you and your work.
Club Auction:    Gift Donated by Rob Saunders and won by Chris Benoit.
New Program:   The Community Needs Committee are looking for Rotarians to participate in a new Program 'One Hour a Month Program'  The first project to be associated with is the Meals on Wheels Program who are look for people to deliver meals once a week to shut-ins. Sign-up sheets were distributed, however, if you are interested in participating you can contact the chairman Paul DuVal.  Sarah Kettle, co-ordinator, will be at the meeting next week to review this program.
Sgt-At-Arms :  Rotarian Greg Hilderman used his casual levity to in order for some Rotarians to cough up their pocket change!
Dream Vacation Tickets:  First draw will be made this coming week - announcement to be made on Feb 9th
Speaker Next Week - Neil Harris, speaking on Gibney House.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - January 26, 2015
Speaker:              Scott Musgrave, Musgrave Agencies
Introduced by:      Rotarian Chris Benoit
Thanked by:         Rotarian Glenn Fagnan
The club was pleased to hear from Scott Musgrave of Musgrave Agencies who spoke to the membership on the current climate of Real Estate in the City of Lloydminster.  Scott made the following predictions based on market indicators, development, City building permits, population and future proposed developments.
Longer period to sell
Optimistic pricing - will no longer be effective
Apartment vacancy
Not an influx of repossessions
36 - 50 new apartments
100 condominiums to be build
175 single family homes
8 - 10 industrial building
8 new retail outlets (100,000 sq. ft.)
6 new restaurants
Rotarian Glenn Fagnan thanked Scott for his foresight in the industry, as well as all that Musgrave Agencies do for Lloydminster and surrounding area.
Auction Gift:    Donated by Musgrave - lucky winner -  Paul Richer.
Radio Days:   Randy Aston continued to make the pitch for the upcoming Radio Days.  Interested Rotarians were asked to contact either Randy Aston or Charlene Rowein before the end of January, the deadline date set by The Goat Radio.
One Hour a Month:   Barry Davis presented a New Initatives proposal from the Community Services Community asking Rotarians to sign up for a test program for One Hour a Month community volunteer program.  This program will give Rotarians the opportunity to offer their services to various organizations, programs, functions etc., that the Committee will present from time to time.  The first request is from the Meals on Wheels program and interested Rotarians were asked to  sign-up on the circular sheet if this would work into their schedule.
Memoriam:  Richard Starke announced that Bud Miller, former MLA for Lloydminster from 1971-86, passed away and his funeral will be held on Thursday, January 29th @ 2:00 p.m. at the Kitscoty Hall.
Next Monday:   February 2nd, the guest speaker will be our own  Rotarian Tyler Morrissettee giving his Vocational.
Yours in Rotary
Pat Skinner
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - January 19, 2015
Speaker:              Daren Elder, CAO of the R.M. of Wilton
Introduced by      Rotarian Barry Davis
Thanked by         Rotarian  Kevin Kromrey
Daren gave a power point presentation on the current state of the R.M. of Wilton.   Highlights of the RM as follows:
Make up of the RM of Wilton is 1042 square kilometer.
Within these boundaries there are two towns and one hamlet
Major industries are Oil and Agriculture
There are 6200 oil wells of which 3000 are producing
There is 760 kilometers of active roadway
Challenges consist of (a)  Poor soil types with a heavy traffic load  (b)  Quality gravel sources are not readily available and will soon have to haul from the mountains and (c) the recruitment and placing of qualified staff.
Continually seeking to form a team who are doing what they are currently doing but different and better
Looking for people with innovative solutions and technology with evolving adaptation of current practices to keep ahead of the curve.
Wilton continues to meet all obstacles and challenges head on and pride themselves in the ability to implement diverse operations.
Choosing the R.M. of Wilton means choosing success.
Auction Gift - donated by Ray McIlwrick and won by Rotarian Paul Richer.
Exchange Student - Caroline is looking for some Ski Pants that have some leg length, so if you have someone in your family who can accommodate this request let President Richard know.  As Caroline is rather tall she declined the offer from Glenn Fagnan!
Radio Days - Randy Aston is looking for Rotary businesses, and others in the community,  to participate in the Radio Days presentation.  Ads cost $100.00 each so if you or someone you know would like to come the Air Waves contact Randy.  He is waiting for your call (and donation)!!
Next Week - The guest speaker on Monday, January 26th will be Scott Musgrave, from Musgrave Agencies, who will bring us up to date on the 'lay of the land' in Lloydminster.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary - January 12, 2015
Speaker:      Vocational by Rotarian Khurston Bullock
Introducer:   Her proposer, Rotarian Paul Richer
Thank You:  Rotarian Chris Benoit
Vocational:  One of the most enjoyable speakers at any Rotary meeting is the Vocational presentation.  This is the time when the membership is given the privilege of knowing more about their fellow Rotarians on their journey of life, both past and present.  Today we were not disappointed when the club heard the vocational of Rotarian Khurston Bullock.  Khurston spoke of her early childhood, growing up on a farm near Maidstone,  where she was heavily involved in 4H for many years, which helped to provide her with a solid and knowledgeable grounding for the future.  Khurston spoke openly about her life in dealing with mental issues and stated that she is now on the right track for a wonderful future both in life and work.  Khurston is presently employed at Lakeland College and sees many career expansion opportunities in the future.  Khurston is presently on the board of directors for the Libby Young Centre and does volunteer work for the Health Foundation.    Her motto every motto, which is a good one for all of us, is: Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and Never Give Up.  Thank You Khurston
Donation Presentations:   On behalf of the Club, President Richard made several donations to various organizations, as a result of the annual Christmas Auction.  They were:  $4,884. to the Olive Tree (accepted by John Halliday), $4,884 to the Salvation Army (accepted by Shannon Weinberger) and $2,440. to Avery School (accepted by Rob Merilees and Sheldon Eggen).   The club also made a $2,000. to the  Catholic School Division(accepted by Alison Fulkerth) to support their youth lunch program for one year.  Last summer the club members worked at the Streetscapes event and raised $2,210. from the Barbecue, which was also given to the Olive Tree, along  with $800.00 to help offset their expenses in printing The Community Guide Book.
Radio Days:   Members were encouraged to support the upcoming Radio Days in February by way of selling advertisements to businesses in the community. Ads are $100.00 each, so if you are interested, please contact Randy Aston.
Dream Vacation:   Hopefully all the Dream Vacation tickets have been turned in, ready for the 1st draw on January 15th.  If not, please contact Charlene Rowein ASAP
Rotaract:  Khurston Bullock is planning on 'reactivating' Rotaract at Lakeland College, with meetings set for the third Tuesday of every month at the College.
Auction Gift:  Donated by Randy Aston - and the winner was one of our guests,  John Halliday.   
Next  Week:   Our speaker will be Daren Elder, CAO of the RM of Wilton.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Meeting Summary Jan 5/15
Chair:   Richard Young
Presenters:    Randy Aston, Paul Richer, Richard Young.
We started the 'New Year' with  Club Assembly and brought the membership up to date on some future plans.
Radio Days is an annual event (Feb 10th this year) , a day set aside by The Goat Radio Station to allow Rotarians to drop by the station and 'brag and inform' the public about  Rotary.  This also provides an opportunity for Rotarians to advertise their business in the community.  It is a fun day and those who participate say they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Discussion was held regarding a proposal concerning 'Corporate Membership' in the club. Many good ideas and feedback was received from the membership.
An upcoming event is the annual Lobsterfest held on the first Saturday in May - this  year Saturday, May 2nd at the Lloydminster Exhibition Centre. 
Sgt-at-Arms Robin Acton contributed to the coffers by way of testing the intelligence of the membership on weather issues - a national topic of all homosapiens.
The Auction Gift was AGAIN won by Mike Sidoryk, whose office must be full of gifts by now!!!!
Winners of the December Rotary Dream Vacation were:
Trip:   Candace Odishaw (Border City Club)
100.00  Don Whittaker
50.00   Jeremy Tabish
No confirmation as to the guest speaker for next Monday.
Yours in Rotary
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting Summary December 1
Speaker:  Imam Tariq Azeem, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Topic:  The World View from a Muslim
Introducer:  Keith Weinbender, Border City Club
Thanker:  Rotarian Greg Hnatuk

Amam Tariq spoke on the world view of a Muslim, both from within the community,  as well as the wider world.  The Muslim community is looking to shine a light on radicalization and how it affects individuals in the country.  Azeem stated that a workshop entitled "Stop the Crisis" has been scheduled at the Lakeland College Lecture Hall on Thursday, December 4th at 8:00 p.m. and is open to everyone.   Because social media is so open, one doesn't know who is being influenced,  but it is usually those who are lacking something inside them naturally or unnaturally, or their lack of knowledge on certain things about religion,  who are inclined to radicalization.   The local community has approximately 250 members and the numbers are going up.  The local Mosque is being renovated and when complete Azeem extended an invitation to come and see the centre.
WELCOME:  The membership were happy to welcome new Rotarian Paul Harris to their midst.
CLUB AUCTION - gift donated by Jill Applegate and won by our guest Amam Tariq.   Our guests seem to be very lucky in taking home the auction gifts!
DREAM VACATION:   Charlene Rowein stated that the Dream Vacation tickets will be ready for distribution by next Monday so we are asking Rotarians to put on their 'sellers' hat and hopefully we can sell the tickets in record time.  Proceeds from  this lottery is given to the charities designated by the current President.  Looking for a Christmas Gift? This is an idea.
STG-AT-ARMS:  Mike Sidoryk was able to add some coffers to the kettle by way  of targeting the membership with a few infractions. 
NEXT WEEK:  Guest speaker for Dec 8th is Reeve Daryl  Watt, County of Vermilion River, giving the 'State of the Union Address' as it applies to their municipality.
LOOKING AHEAD:  Please come prepared to participate in the Rotary Auction on December 15th with all proceeds being distributed between  the Olive Tree, the Salvation Army and Avery School.  This has become an annual event for the club and several thousand dollars are generated in a short period of time that is then given to charities in the community during the Christmas season.
That's all for this week.   Yours in Rotary - Pat
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
November 17, 2014
Topic:   The Future of Heavy Oil:  The Need for a Social License
Guest Speaker:   Darrel Howell, P. Eng  Armada Industrial Services Ltd.
Introduced by:    Rotarian  Brian McCook
Thanked by:  Rotarian Tyler Morrissette
Darrel stated that his presentation  was NOT a technical paper but represented his personal opinions on anecdotal issues relating to the  Oil Industry and reviewed many perceptions and reality issues connected with the Industry. Some examples were:  Perception - that pipelines, especially bitumen pipelines are dangerous; Reality - they are the safest and most efficient form of transportation;   Perception -  that Oilsands are responsible for global warming;   Reality - Oilsands contribute less than 0.1% of global C02 emissions;  Perception - Oilsands and heavy oil are bad for the environment; Reality -  the oil industry is arguably the best environment stewards in the resource industry; Darrel listed many more examples too numerous to mention.  Individuals need to make informed decisions based on solid, sound information.  We need to be skeptical of celebrity messaging and not be afraid  to challenge incorrect statements; we need to encourage governments in their initiatives and above all take responsibility and challenge incorrect statements. Oilsands/Heavy Oil is an efficient, environmentally responsible indutry, that is continually improving and is key to Canada's economic well being.
DREAM VACATION WINNERS;   Trip of the month - Cam Nutbrown     $100.00   Bob and Helen Ambler    $50.00  Kim Akre
Jason Whiting stepped up to the plate to fill in at the last moment for the missing Sgt-at-Arms.  Thanks Jason - that's what good chairmen do. 
SPEAKER NEXT WEEK:   Acclaimed writer Mryna Kostash  on the history of Frog Lake.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner
Speaker:   Wendy Plandowski, Chief Executive Officier, Lloydminster Region Health Foundation
Introduced by:   Rotarian Bob Little
Thanked by:   Rotarian Dick Vokins

We were pleased to have Darrel Howell and Wendy Plandowski, CEO of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation, speak to the club on the Strategic Plan and Direction for the Health Foundation.  The Core Value/Guiding Principals is based on that of Passion, Accountantability, Active Partnership, Innovation, Ethics and Community, noting that community is the number one priority.    The Foundation recently unveiled their new Donor Wall and have been fortunate to receive some recent funding as they work towards their objective of enhancing health care and promoting excellence and innovation in Health Care Services to the community by generous support from the community.  
Stg-At-Arms - Robin Acton extracted a few dollars from the club while teaching them the underlying facts of survival in the world!!
Looking Ahead:  The Salvation Army Christmas Kettles schedule will be coming out shortly, so Rotarians will once again be visible in the Community, helping others.
Speaker Next Week:   Will be Darrel Howell, on the Oil and Gas Industry.
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Meeting Summary

Posted by Patricia Skinner on Nov 02, 2014
Guest Speaker - Past President Paul Richer
Topic - Highlight of the Rotary International Convention, Australia - June 2014
Thanked by Robin Acton
Rotarian Paul highlighted some of the events associated with the International Convention in Australia this past summer.  Two world records were broken by way of (a)  the most people occupying the Sydney Bridge and (b) the most flags of the world displayed on the bridge.  They displaced Oprah Winfrey from holding this record - no small feat!!   The PM of Australia made an announcement that their Government would be donating several million dollars to Polio Plus to assist Rotarians in their quest irradiate Polio throughout the world.   The Rotary House of Friendship had 100-150 Kiosks which displayed every avenue and opportunity imaginable.  The people of were noticeably friendly and Rotarians were treated like royalty.  Paul recommended that Rotarians should make every effort to attend an RI Convention to renew enthusiasm and generate goodwill and good works throughout the world.  Next year the RI Convention is in Brazil so start your thinking process now Rotarians!!
THANK YOU - to everyone who helped with Halloween  Rotary Family Fun Night hosted by the two Rotary Clubs .  It was noted that between 600-1000 children attended and compliments and kudos were front and centre.   No doubt this event will be repeated next year and it certainly exemplified the 4 Way Test 'for all concerned'.
STUDENT EXCHANGE - The Border City Club would like to take on a long-term exchange student this year and were seeking our club's assistance by way of an inbound counselor.   Will give this matter further consideration.
STG-AT-ARMS - Jason Whiting took on a new slant in his role as Sgt-at-Arms to generate funds for the coffers.  Thank you Jason for your innovation in this regard.
NEXT WEEK- the guest speaker will be Wendy Plandowski on the Strategic Plan for the Lloydminster Regional Health Foundation
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What's Up at the LloydMall

Posted by Pat Skinner on Sep 28, 2014
Speaker:    Kim Richer, Manager of the Lloyd Mall
Introduced by:  Paul Richer
Thanked by:  Vic Juba
Kim Richer, Manager at the Lloyd Mall for the past 14 years, brought the membership up-to-date on the construction progress that has been happening at the Lloyd Mall for the past several months. Construction will probably continue for another 12 months with the current phase to be completed early December,the  next phase will begin in February and should be completed before October of 2015.  We are asked to 'practice patience' for some time yet!  Unfortunately, due to privacy requirements and contractual  agreements  Kim was unable to inform and/or confirm any businesses , however upon completion there will be over 50 stores and services taking up residence at the mall.  The outer conceptual drawings were revealed and by all appearances things look very modern indeed.  The landlord is spending approximately  $15 million plus on exterior and upgrades to the building, parking lot and new signage including two new pylon signs with electronic reader boards to advertise tenants and promotions.  New tenants will be investing substantially in the build out of their stores.  Kim stated that in the end, there will be a great mix of national retailers in LloydMall and the community should be pleased to have such a shopping destination choice for Lloydminster and surrounding trade areas.   Kim also provided the Club Auction Gift  today which raised $68.00 for the coffers.  Thanks Kim!
We were pleased to welcome Brenda Lee from the Vermilion Club.  Brenda is the District Governor's Assistant for the 2014-15 year.
Vic Stelmaschuk help to raise some 'funny' money via the Sgt-at-Arms position.
Some events currently in the planning stages are: (1)  Hallowe'en Family Fun Night at the Sports Centre hosted by the Border City Club and the Lloydminster Rotary Club  (2) Consideration of an appropriate memorial structure to replace the Rotary Fountain at Weaver Park that was recently taken away through City re-development  (3)  Updated Signage at Rotary Park
Speaker next week:   Robin Acton and Jill Applegate will be some of the presenters for the Rotary Employment Partnership Program, so come and hear all about this program and how Lloydminster maintains the #1 supporter in the District.
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Posted by Patricia Skinner on Sep 21, 2014

Speaker:    Kristal Hoff

Topic:   Hands At Work Africa

Introduced by:  Garth Rowswell

Thanked by:  Charlene Rowein

Kristal spoke of the work being done by the charitable group Hands at Work Africa and how the local care workers find,  care, mentor and support individuals in the Malawi region while implementing their four pillars of service:  (1) Poorest of the Poor (the most vulnerable of all people/ those who so broken it is hard to love them)  (2) Local Community Ownership (3) Relationships and (4) The Three Essentials - Food, Education and Basic Health.  As the area is so spread out it is not uncommon for the caregivers to walk 5 miles a day to meet those in need which takes up a large part of the day. Kristal stated that the purchase of a vehicle would be a tremendous help to everyone. The Lloydminster Comprehensive High School students have been supporting this charity for 5 years and are helping 50 children a month at a cost of $9,000. a year.  They fundraise throughout the whole school year in order to meet and sustain this commitment .   Kristal left the membership with much to think about and a possible way to support an International Project.

THANK YOU - to Randy Aston, Chris Benoit, Brian McCook, Garth Merryweather, Kim/Paul Richer, Wayde Blythe, Glenn Fagnan and clients from LABIS who traveled to Lashburn to help with the BBQ on Saturday Night in support of Muscular Dystrophy.

TIP TOE - Darryl Oster has volunteered to chair the Tip Toe Project so if you would like to help in anyway please speak to Darryl.  Thanks Darryl for stepping up to the plate!

NEXT WEEK - The speaker will be Kim Richer - 'What's Up at the Lloyd Mall'.

See you next week...................


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Rotary Club Supports Handivan Society Richard Young 2014-08-18 00:00:00Z 0

Rural Urban Meeting held at Agland in Lloydminster

Posted by Richard Young on Jun 01, 2014

Our meeting was held at Agland on Monday evening with a turnout of almost 50 people. Our guest speaker was Ken Kay who did a presentation on John Deere, Agland and the current GPS technology.

It was a fun and informative evening enjoyed by all. The Rotary Exchange group from India were also in attendance.Image

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Darryl Oster - Vocational Presentation at noon meeting

Posted by Richard Young on Mar 23, 2014

One of our own rotarians did his vocational at our noon meeting on Monday. Darryl Oster had an excellent presentation about how he came to be a rotarian and why. 

 A brief bio: graduated from Lloydminster Comprehensive High School in 1987, he left Lloydminster for Taber in the early 90's. He met his wife in Calgary and they were married in 2002. 

Graduated from the University of Calgary in 2005. They have 7 children. Darryl works at World Financial Services in Lloydminster.

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Wayde Blythe visited Los Gatos Rotary Club

Posted by Richard Young on Mar 17, 2014

I presented a banner to the Los Gatos Rotary club today, it is an hour south of San Francisco, has 115 members and the city is 30,000 people. They gave me their banner to bring home.


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Lloydminster Tennis Association Club House

Posted by Richard Young on Mar 02, 2014

Tennis Clubhouse Project - Our Rotary Club provided the financial support and a number of our Rotarians assisted in building the new Tennis Clubhouse. 

Lloydminster Tennis Association Club House Richard Young 2014-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

November 25th - Doreen McCaw Border City Rotary Club

Posted by Ron Gillies on Nov 24, 2013

Our guest speaker today was Doreen McCaw, President of the Border City Club, who gave the membership a brief overview of their club and all that it entails.

The Salvation Army kettle list circulates with a number of empty slots available

Remember, it's Billiards night on Wednesday

Where is Gonzo?  We need to keep him on the move

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November 18th - Lisa Whitford Onion Lake Energy

Posted by Ron Gillies on Nov 17, 2013
Highlights of the November 18th meeting

Guest Speaker Lisa Whitford spoke to the membership about Onion Lake Energy Ltd., which is a 100% owned First Nations Company that holds the Oil and Gas Permits on land owned by Onion Lake Cree Nations.

The members extended their condolences to Charles Lamb and family on the passing of his mother, Emily Lamb.

The club will retire the badge of George Phillips in the new year.

Welcome back to Dave McCaw who is recovering from knee surgery.

Salvation Army kettles need help with shaking the bells

Christmas Levee invitation


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Highlights from Noon Meeting October 28, 2013

Posted by Richard Young on Oct 27, 2013
Welcome to all the guests today - Paul Richer brought  Paul Melrose-Wyatt and Darren and Joem Weinkauf.  Congratulation to Brighter Horizon Financial Services (Darren Weinkauf) whose business was the recipient of the 2013 Chamber Integrity Award sponsored by the Border City Club.   
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October 21, 2013 - Chamber of Commerce Group Meeting

Posted by Richard Young on Oct 20, 2013

Michael Holden, Chamber of Commerce President spoke about Lloydminster being a great place for Entrepreneurs. Rated #2 in Canada on best places to start  / run a business. 

October 21, 2013 - Chamber of Commerce Group Meeting Richard Young 2013-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
September 23, 2013 - Speaker: Keith Weinbender – President Alberta Real Estate Association and summary of the Association Richard Young 2013-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Michele Charles Gustafson Spoke - September 9, 2013 Richard Young 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker - Staff Sgt Dave Kalist Meeting Summary – August 26/13

Posted by Richard Young on Aug 25, 2013
Guest speaker today was Staff Sgt Dave Kalist of the Lloydminster RCMP Detachment who gave an overview of his years in the Police Force,  noting the different postings he and his family had before coming to Lloydminster.   Sgt Kalist stated that one of his first priorities here in the City was to get to know the Mayor and the community, along with this staff and colleagues.
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Meeting August 19, 2013 - Jacklyn Walker - Exchange Student

Posted by Richard Young on Aug 18, 2013
We were pleased to hear a presentation from our exchange student Jacklyn Walker, who has just returned home from spending a year in Belgium.  Jacklyn gave a very comprehensive overview of her year abroad and highlighted the activities and events that made this year a memorable one. 
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Presenter - John Acton - Oct 29, 2012 Danny Ulmer 2012-10-29 00:00:00Z 0

Presenter - Chamber President Leana Ross - 2012 Oct 15

Posted by Patricia Skinner on Oct 14, 2012
This week, our meeting was a joint meeting with the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce to kick-off Business Week in Lloydminster.  The current Chamber President, our own Rotarian Leana Ross, gave a great update on what's happening with the Chamber.
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Presenter - Mayor Jeff Mulligan Bernal Ulsifer 2012-10-01 00:00:00Z 0
Club 2 Minutes - May 7 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z 0

Sherri Husch Foote - Presenter - May 7, 2012

Posted by Murray Crawford on May 06, 2012
Sherri Husch Foote, the executive director of Midwest Family Connections, was the guest speaker. She talked about a study that shows close to one in three Border City children are struggling with early childhood development.
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Club 2 Minutes - April 2 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Presenter - Try-a-trade and Skills Canada competition - April 2 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-04-02 00:00:00Z 0

Exchange Student Sine's "Wish List"

Posted by Stephanie Dobson on Mar 28, 2012
Read on to see what Sine would like to do before she goes home to Thailand at the end of the school year.  Maybe you can help her to experience these things?
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Congrats to Bill Till!

Posted by Stephanie Dobson on Mar 28, 2012
Congratulations to Honorary Rotarian Bill Till and his wife Gene who were appointed as Citizens of the Year by the Lloydminster Lions Club. A job well done.
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Club 2 Minutes - March 26 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Presenter - Brad Lake - Relay for Life - March 26 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Club 2 Minutes - March 19 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-03-19 00:00:00Z 0
Presenter - President Garth - President's Project - March 19 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-03-19 00:00:00Z 0
Club 2 Minutes - March 12 2012 Murray Crawford 2012-03-12 00:00:00Z 0

Presenter - Susan Drever - El Salvador Trip - March 12 2012

Posted by Murray Crawford on Mar 11, 2012

For two weeks Lloydminster native Susan Drever offered up her knowledge and labour to build water filtration boxes, provide eyeglasses and fix bicycles in El Salvador.

It was an experience she said shone light on the plight of some parts of the world.

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Club documents

Posted by Stephanie Dobson on Aug 18, 2010
Latest Board of Directors meeting minutes will be posted in the Admin section of our web page shortly.
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Paul Harris sustaining memberships Stephanie Dobson 2010-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Lt. Kim Bridge - Salvation Army Stephanie Dobson 0

Robert Laboucane, Ripple Effects Ltd.

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Robert Laboucane, president of Ripple Effects Ltd., came to speak to our Club on November 22, 2010. He presents to government agencies and private corporations on how to help to integrate Aboriginal workers into their workplace. He explained to Rotarians that once Aboriginal people are educated and skilled to enter the workforce, there is an epidemic that somehow causes 97% of those who go to work in the private sector to quit within 6 months of starting, many of whom actually leave within 72 hours.
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Christie Johnson - Malawi Girls On The Move

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Christie Johnson came to speak to our club on November 8, 2010 to give a very inspiring and thought provoking story of her journey to helping school-aged girls acquire something that we in Canada take for granted - an education.
Christie Johnson - Malawi Girls On The Move Stephanie Dobson 0

Dr. Ross Plews - Nov 1, 2010

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Dr. Ross Plews former Minister turned clinical counsellor is setting up private practice in Lloydminster. He stressed the importance of Rotarians being part community wellness through the people we employ and that would in our businesses.
Dr. Ross Plews - Nov 1, 2010 Stephanie Dobson 0

Darren King - Youth Exchange

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Darren spoke to our Club on October 4, 2010 as the Inbound Chair of the Youth Exchange Committee for our District 5370. He left us all inspired to make a difference in the lives of each and every student who we host in our Club. Thanks, Darren.
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Hope Boyce's Update from Germany Stephanie Dobson 0

Todd Gustavson - Fire Chief, City of Lloydminster

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Todd Gustavson came to speak to our Club on September 27, 2010. He gave a wonderful history of the dynamic fire department of the City of Lloydminster. I hope to accurately recount the historical events as he depicted.
Todd Gustavson - Fire Chief, City of Lloydminster Stephanie Dobson 0

Rotary Quick Facts

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Michelle Gustaphson was the Sargeant-at-Arms at our meeting on September 27, 2010. She had a quiz for each table - she ended up having to impose a "general fine" of $1 for each Rotarian because each table got the question right! Way to go, Rotarians!
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Kirk Morrison (City of Lloydminster)

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
Kirk spoke to our Club on September 20, 2010 about the City of Lloydminster's new Transportation Infrastructure Master Plan. This is the first update to the Plan since 2001 - the City has grown by 26% since that time!
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Kama Taylor from Libbie Young Centre

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
On September 13, 2010 Kama Taylor gave an interesting talk to our Club about what the Libbie Young Centre does in our community and about its exciting future plans. This is a dynamic organization that focuses on serving clients with mental health issues. The founder of the organization was a prominent Lloydminster woman named Libbie Young. She had a vision of seeing people who had mental health issues come back to their community to have a place to go after their in-patient treatment was completed. She wanted to see them reintegrate into their own community instead of being isolated from family and friends a long way from home. She was instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition. The Centre continues to have the same mandate today.
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Alberta Is Energy

Posted by Stephanie Dobson
On August 30, 2010, Roger Soucy and Travis Davies came to speak to our club as part of a new campaign being rolled out in Alberta called "Alberta is Energy". The focus of this initiative is to showcase those individuals involved in the energy sector. This is a campaign that will be rolled out across Canada in each province - in Saskatchewan it will be called "Saskatchewan is Energy", etc.
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