Christie Johnson came to speak to our club on November 8, 2010 to give a very inspiring and thought provoking story of her journey to helping school-aged girls acquire something that we in Canada take for granted - an education.
Christie started her dream 10 years ago when she went on a sabbatical from her Alberta school to teach at a Malawi African girls school. When she arrived, she had no idea that her short time in Malawi would change her life so dramatically.

She has been working for 10 years with Memory Chazeza, an African girl who shared Christie's dream of helping girls in Malawi gain an education. They see education as a way to change not only a life, but an entire community, and an entire country. The statistics are such that when girls get an education in Malawi, the age they marry is higher (from around 14 to their 20's) and the number of children they have is drastically reduced (from around 8 to 1).

Each year, they make significant improvements to their facility. Over the years, they have added classrooms, dormitories, offices, and other facilities. They are currently fundraising to build a cafeteria which will also provide as an auditorium for their students. In addition, each year they commit to matching each student with a donor. For $85 per month ($1000 per year), you will be matched with a student. They seek long-term committments whereby you would be matched with a student for multiple number of years.

Brick-by-brick, Christie and Memory are building their dream. They are seeking the support of Rotary and Rotarians to make their dream come true. Help to support Malawi Girls On The Move!

For more information, check out Malawi Girls On The Move