Read more to find out what the Members have brought to the Club's attention this week...

Past President Terri Selin spoke about an upcoming mission trip to Israel with Jackie Dearden joining. They are having a fundraising banquet on March 25 and tickets cost $25. While they are in Israel they will also visit the Rotary Club of Jerusalem.

Glenys Coleman spoke about the upcoming Rotary School for new Rotarians.

Richard Starke, on behalf of the Border City Rotary Club spoke again about the upcoming pub night on St. Patrick’s Day, which is a fundraiser for their Club. The Laurence Boys, out of Vermilion, will be providing the music for the event.

Dwight Mushtaler reminded Rotarians that Lobsterfest was around the corner on May 5.

President Elect Les Harper spoke about his president elect training and brought the new banner for the 2012-13 year in Rotary. This year’s theme is Peace through Service.