Meeting Summary - January 19, 2015
Speaker:              Daren Elder, CAO of the R.M. of Wilton
Introduced by      Rotarian Barry Davis
Thanked by         Rotarian  Kevin Kromrey
Daren gave a power point presentation on the current state of the R.M. of Wilton.   Highlights of the RM as follows:
Make up of the RM of Wilton is 1042 square kilometer.
Within these boundaries there are two towns and one hamlet
Major industries are Oil and Agriculture
There are 6200 oil wells of which 3000 are producing
There is 760 kilometers of active roadway
Challenges consist of (a)  Poor soil types with a heavy traffic load  (b)  Quality gravel sources are not readily available and will soon have to haul from the mountains and (c) the recruitment and placing of qualified staff.
Continually seeking to form a team who are doing what they are currently doing but different and better
Looking for people with innovative solutions and technology with evolving adaptation of current practices to keep ahead of the curve.
Wilton continues to meet all obstacles and challenges head on and pride themselves in the ability to implement diverse operations.
Choosing the R.M. of Wilton means choosing success.
Auction Gift - donated by Ray McIlwrick and won by Rotarian Paul Richer.
Exchange Student - Caroline is looking for some Ski Pants that have some leg length, so if you have someone in your family who can accommodate this request let President Richard know.  As Caroline is rather tall she declined the offer from Glenn Fagnan!
Radio Days - Randy Aston is looking for Rotary businesses, and others in the community,  to participate in the Radio Days presentation.  Ads cost $100.00 each so if you or someone you know would like to come the Air Waves contact Randy.  He is waiting for your call (and donation)!!
Next Week - The guest speaker on Monday, January 26th will be Scott Musgrave, from Musgrave Agencies, who will bring us up to date on the 'lay of the land' in Lloydminster.