Loans that change lives



Our Rotary Club of Lloydminster has donated $1500 per year to KIVA since 2010, totalling $9151.


This money has been lent out and repaid in 1649 loans with a total value of $41,725 in loans! 


We contribute $25 to a loan along with other KIVA members to fully fund one individual, helping minimize our risk.  An average loan request is about $1500.


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Here is a recent loan we supported!


Name: Mario
Country: Mazambique
Loan amount: $700 (18 lenders)
Loan for: Agriculture
Mario’s Story
Mário is 42 years old, is married, and has two children. He lives in the Zambézia province in Mozambique. Mário has practiced agriculture in his community for about 15 years. He is a very hardworking and creative person. He started working in this area to guarantee a fixed income and well-being for his family, and he has had excellent results with the production and sale of sesame, corn, and peanuts.

As a result of his dedication and work, over this year he has been able to build a house with conventional material for his family, which makes him feel proud.

Mário needs a loan to buy farm supplies such as fertilizer, urea, and pesticides to guarantee an increased production. The extra income from this loan will allow him to increase his production and consequently the income from his sales of sesame, corn, and peanuts.

In the future, he plans to grow and expand his business, and he dreams of continuing to support his family and seeing his two children going to a university.