Speaker:    Kristal Hoff

Topic:   Hands At Work Africa

Introduced by:  Garth Rowswell

Thanked by:  Charlene Rowein

Kristal spoke of the work being done by the charitable group Hands at Work Africa and how the local care workers find,  care, mentor and support individuals in the Malawi region while implementing their four pillars of service:  (1) Poorest of the Poor (the most vulnerable of all people/ those who so broken it is hard to love them)  (2) Local Community Ownership (3) Relationships and (4) The Three Essentials - Food, Education and Basic Health.  As the area is so spread out it is not uncommon for the caregivers to walk 5 miles a day to meet those in need which takes up a large part of the day. Kristal stated that the purchase of a vehicle would be a tremendous help to everyone. The Lloydminster Comprehensive High School students have been supporting this charity for 5 years and are helping 50 children a month at a cost of $9,000. a year.  They fundraise throughout the whole school year in order to meet and sustain this commitment .   Kristal left the membership with much to think about and a possible way to support an International Project.

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