Meeting Summary - April 28
SPEAKER:        Delaney Bruneau
Introduced by:   Rotarian Wayde Blythe
Thanked by       Rotarian Gerald Gagnon
We were pleased to have Delaney Bruneau speak to the club on her experience as the Outgoing Student to Warsaw, Poland in August 2013.  Delaney spoke highly of her host family and how they bonded immediately. The school season started in September and for the first couple of weeks it was a challenge to talk with the other students, however, it didn't take long to move out of her comfort zone and she soon began making friends and having fun both  in and out of the classroom.   At the end of October the exchange students went on a  7 day trip through central Europe, had many student meet-ups in November, a special meeting with everyone over Christmas and in the middle of January a move to her next host family.  On March 17 the unthinkable happened and Delaney was hit by a bus while in a crosswalk. She was taken to the hospital for emergency medical attention and sustained a shattered pelvis, broken hips, ruptured bladder, uterus and urinary tract along with shock & post-traumatic stress.  She had three major surgeries, with a fourth needed to fix the stitches and take out a blood clot in her leg.   She had 17 blood transfusions but she said it was imperative to remain positive in all steps of recovery and healing.  After 45 days in hospital. Delany came home to Lloydminster and spent two weeks in the hospital and then eight weeks in Saskatoon.   Delaney is currently taking physio every week and working as much as her body allows at Father Gorman Community School doing different programs.  In September Delaney plans on studying at Lakeland College for a University transfer into Education. Rotarians were truly happy to know that Delaney is on the road to recovery and many hugs were given and received at the end of the meeting.  Yah Delaney!!!!!!   Notation:   Delaney stated that her host mother and family were so wonderful and supportive during this whole duration of her stay.
AUCTION GIFT:  Donated by Danny Ulmer and won by Amador Lopez.
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