Announcements for June 24, 2013


ANNUAL BILLARD NIGHT:    7:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 26th at The Sticks; a time for Rotarians to enjoy fun and fellowship and contribute $5.00 to the Rotary KIVA fund as well.  Come one – Come All – the more the merrier.




$50.00  Eleanor Banda – ticket sold by Kevin Kromrey

$100.00 – Valley C Construction – ticket sold by Dwaine Bexson

Trip – Dale Veltikold ( 4 nights in New York City) – ticket sold by Bob Little


AUCTION WINNER:  Gerald Gagnon had a smile on his face as winner of the Auction Gift today.


SEARGEANT-AT-ARMS:   Sgt Mike Sidoryk managed to put some dollars in the Rotary coffers by way of levity, ingenuity and just plain ‘Happy Bucks’.


NEXT MEETING:   There is no meeting on Monday, July 1stHAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE – however President Paul will begin his year as our fearless leader on  July 8th  and give the club an overview of what he would like to present to the membership during his year as President.