We were pleased to hear a presentation from our exchange student Jacklyn Walker, who has just returned home from spending a year in Belgium.  Jacklyn gave a very comprehensive overview of her year abroad and highlighted the activities and events that made this year a memorable one. 

Meeting Summary – August 19/13


Speaker:          Jacklyn Walker

Topic:              Exchange Student

Introduced by Garth Rowswell and thanked by Dick Vokins


  Before Jacklyn left she said she was ‘super nervous and super shy’ but was able to overcome these characteristics as the year progressed.


Jacklyn was able to take several ‘vacations’ which took in the sites of Spain, Amsterdam, London, Prague and Paris.  While in Paris she climbed the steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower, along with her host parents, whom she convinced that this was the real experience when visiting Paris.   Another ‘wish’ on one of her travels was to ride a camel, which she did, and rewarded the Bactrian beast with a kiss, much to the ‘ugh’ of her host family!!


Jacklyn rode a bicycle to school for her year but since the distance from one of host families was a 40 minute ride, which she felt was rather long, so her family bought her a bus ticket and she only had to commute 10 minutes to the depot and then catch a ride from there.  This was bonus, especially on rainy days.


While away, Jacklyn stated that she had a difficult time with homesickness but her host families were very supportive and she couldn’t have completed this adventure without them.   She expected to learn a different language and have many different experiences but what she wasn’t expecting was to learn about herself.  The two things she did learn were:  (1) to stay true to yourself no matter what the circumstance and (2) do not take the people you love for granted.   


Belgium will always be in Jacklyn’s heart and is now called her ‘second home.’    Thank you Jacklyn for an excellent presentation!!  




Trip:                Trudy Prior – ticket sold by Dwight Mushtaler

100.00             Margie and Gerald Quilichini – ticket sold by Gerald Gagnon

50.00               Murray Hrynyk – ticket sold by Glenn Deschover




We were pleased to welcome Marlon Yuri, our Rotary exchange student for this year.   Marlon comes to us from Brazil and was brought to the club by his Border City counselor Peter Yeung. Also, thanks Peter, for helping with our singing again – it does make a difference. There will be no Border City Club meeting on August 21 st as they are having their President’s BBQ in the evening at the home of Glenn and Doreen McCaw. Billiards Night will be at The Sticks on Wednesday, August 28th @ 7:00 p.m.   Come and enjoy a time of food, fun and fellowship with your Rotarian family;  pre-requisite is a $5.00 donation from each person attending which will be allocated to the Rotary KIVA account. President Paul was pleased to contribute   $1.00 to ‘Happy Bucks’ noting that the Habitat for Humanity project is complete  and he is heading to Vegas tomorrow.  We all know that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so Paul is even happier that he doesn't have to report to anyone when he returns!! Stg-at-Arms Chad Tabish filled in at the last moment and did a great job of extracting some change from the pockets of Rotarian's, while informing the club of current events that happened around the world on this date years ago.  We even received a right answer at the one of the tables…..Way to Go Rotarian's ! Speaker on Monday, August 26th will be Staff Sgt Dave Kalist on ‘Policing in Lloydminster.’Meeting Summary – August 19/13