Meeting Summary - June 15, 2015
Guest Speaker:             Wendy Plandowksi - Lloydminster Region Health Foundation
Introduced by:               Rotarian Bob Little
Thanked by:                  Rotarian Brian McCook
We were pleased to welcome Wendy Plandowski back for a 'guest appearance' to speak to the club on the goals, achievements and insights of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.  Wendy gave a comprehensive coverage concerning the many aspects of the Foundation with reference made to some of the following items:
The two year effort of heavy Physician Recruitment has paid off with the result that there is now some competition which is positive for the residents of the community
Lloydminster is a Regional Care Centre and the Foundation has been busy dispensing dollars in many health care areas  such as Maturity Upgrade, Cardiac Care Centre, Maternity, Back-Up Chemistry Analysis, Vein Unit, Defibrillators, Pill Package Unit  just to name a few.
Big projects include the redevelopment of the Hospital to expand services, increase beds,the possible relocation of the Dialysis Unit and long term expansion at PIoneer Lodge,
The new strategic plan is going to be a big goal and chairman Darryl Howell asked the board members to think of a 'big, hairy, audacious goal' which has resulted in having Lloydminster named Canada's Healthiest Community;  this will be a long term goal - maybe 10-20 years but it is achievable and everyone is looking forward to this huge undertaking and challenge.
2015-16 EXECUTIVE:  Acting President Wayde presented the names of the executive and directors for the coming year:  President - Wayde Blythe; Incoming President Jason Whiting, Secretary Treasurer - Jason Whiting, Directors:  Garth Rowswell - Services II, Richard Young - Marketing/PR, Tyler Morrissette - Services I , Charlene Rowein - Membership,  Danny Ulmer - International.
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Jason Whiting and NOT won by Peter Parkinson, but by Jason's dad - Don Whiting!!   Peter's moment of glory was his birthday - a milestone, so we can only guess the number!!
SGT-AT-ARMS - Greg Hilderman's levity helped raise some money for the coffers.
NEXT WEEK - No noon meeting.   The meeting has been moved to Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. and the club will express their appreication to President Richard for his year of leadership.