Loans that change lives



Our Rotary Club of Lloydminster has donated $1500 per year to KIVA since 2010, totalling $9151.


This money has been lent out and repaid in 1649 loans with a total value of $41,725 in loans! 


We contribute $25 to a loan along with other KIVA members to fully fund one individual, helping minimize our risk.  An average loan request is about $1500.


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Here is a recent loan we supported!


Borrower image
Name: Anatolyi
Country: Ukraine
Loan for: materials for business
Loan amount: $1950 (lent by 70 lenders)
Anatolyi’s story
Anatolyi has been managing a small company that makes coffins and gravestones. Anatolyi started working in his mother's company that focused on providing funeral services. Two years ago, he decided to open his own business and began to focus exclusively on coffins and gravestones. He always does quality work. Anatolyi works around the clock, even taking calls at night. Anatolyi is divorced and lives in a studio apartment that he just purchased a month ago. 

Anatolyi needs a sum of 50,000 hryvnia to buy stone for making gravestones since now, seasonally the raw material always drops in price. Anatolyi thinks that now is a good time to invest money into buying the material and saving on the cost.