Meeting Summary - March 2, 2015
Guest Speaker:      Rotarian Les Harper
Introduced by:        Rotarian Paul Richer
Thanked by:           Amy Harper
Thank you to Les Harper for filling in as guest speaker as our scheduled person was unable to make the meeting.  Les gave an overview of the Tip Toe Trip and noted the following:
29 students went on the trip - the most they have ever taken to Yellowknife
Combined Districts 5360 and 5370 with 12 students from the South and 17 students from the North
Very grateful to those who have pioneered this project in the past but now that we have graduated to one 'big' bus this will now become the norm:  had a great bus driver, his second year, who also is enjoying this experience
The students had the opportunity to get to know one another on the trip up and on the way home everyone had found a new friend
The whole event was hosted by the Native run school in Yellowknife and they stated that this is truly their highlight of the year to be acting as hosts for this program
Lots of hand games, dancing, hiking, jigging, dog sledding and much more
Theme song this year was 'Sweet Caroline' referring to our incoming student Caroline from France who had to return home earlier than planned; they really missed her
The Calgary Rotary Club were able to send up several boxes of books in the bus to be distributed to three different community libraries further North than Yellowknife which was going to be delivered by plane
CBC was present and did some interviews
Thank you to all Rotarians for their continued support and encouragement of this very worthwhile event for the students
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Garth Rowswell and won by Sheldon Servold
VOLUNTEER PROJECT - Paul DuVal thanked the Rotarians who have become involved in their One Hour a Month volunteer program of delivering 'Meals on Wheels'.  Have 8 Rotarians signed up and looking forward to more.  Paul will have a roster draw up in the near future to help everyone plan ahead. 
DISTRICT TRAINING PROGRAM - Would like to have a training program in Lloydminster with tentative dates of May 9th or June 27th.  Will send out a blanket e-mail to the Rotarians so you can consider this matter further.  Cost is $50.00 each and a sign-up sheet will be circulated next week.
SGT-AT ARMS - Stan Bugiera was able to prior some dollars from the pockets of those in attendance with levity and spontaneity.  Thank you Stan
BORDER CITY CLUB - will again be hosting their Irish Pub Night on March 14th.  Tickets are available from members of their club.
NEXT WEEK - the guest speaker will be Jay Thakar, National Manager, Aboriginal Housing Program with Habitat for Humanity Canada, speaking on the Statement of Understanding with the Assembly of First Nationals in Canada and to actively explore homeownership as an option in meeting housing needs. 
Yours in Rotary