Meeting Summary - February 2, 2015
Guest Speaker:        Tyler Morrissette - Vocational
Introduced by:           Rotarian Paul Richer (his proposer)
Thanked by:              Rotarian Glenn Deschover
The club were pleased to hear another vocational - this time from Rotarian Tyler Morressette . A few interesting facts about Tyler:
He was born in Regina and grew up in Moose Jaw
Tyler held a variety of  jobs before returning to college; these jobs included working at a Bowling Alley, delivering PIzza;  working at Ontario Rubber as a Press Operator;  worked on a Plow crew burying telephone lines in the ground;  spraying fiberglass into molds for Next Raider; worked for Beatrice as a Milk Man for 3 years;
During one of his layoffs Tyler traveled to Australia and Indonesia for six month.
Tyler went back to school at age 28 - CADD TECH SIAST in Moose Jaw and upon completion of his studies Tyler moved to Lloydminster and worked for 12 years as a Drafting Manager at Midwest Lloyd
He started his own business in February 2010 - as an Instructor at Lakeland;  he quit in August 2013 to focus on mainly Oilfield, Mechancial and occational Commercial.
Tyler's  works from his home in his business and he currently has 7 fulltime employees and 11 casual employees; 4 fulltime and all casuals also work from their own home
Tyler was name 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce
Thank You Tyler for letting us know about you and your work.
Club Auction:    Gift Donated by Rob Saunders and won by Chris Benoit.
New Program:   The Community Needs Committee are looking for Rotarians to participate in a new Program 'One Hour a Month Program'  The first project to be associated with is the Meals on Wheels Program who are look for people to deliver meals once a week to shut-ins. Sign-up sheets were distributed, however, if you are interested in participating you can contact the chairman Paul DuVal.  Sarah Kettle, co-ordinator, will be at the meeting next week to review this program.
Sgt-At-Arms :  Rotarian Greg Hilderman used his casual levity to in order for some Rotarians to cough up their pocket change!
Dream Vacation Tickets:  First draw will be made this coming week - announcement to be made on Feb 9th
Speaker Next Week - Neil Harris, speaking on Gibney House.