Topic:    New Generations Perspective in Business in Lloydminster
Michele spoke to the Rotary Club and shed some light on Generation Y , the largest generation of youth in history,  being three times larger than Gen X.  Gen X are the often thought of as the abandoned generation – raised at a time when both parents had to enter the workforce leaving their “latchkey kids” to fend for themselves. Gen Y is considered the most parented generation in history.  They are often given some bad press on traits,  being portrayed as brash, overly confident, unrealistic in their expectations, and a  ME focused.  Some of these characterizations may be true because they ‘Want It There Way’  - a job that pays what they are worthy, flexibility to have strong family ties, work to live not live to work, and to be valued for their opinions to make a change in the world.   

When Gen Y’ers work, the cause is important, and they work hard.  They understand the importance of their work but they also drag their ‘social’ environment along with them for the ride and the adventure. 

If you have Gen Y working WITH you (not for you) try the following:
-        Know your businesses competitive advantage and branding promise as a mission for what you do  - know why you are business “the bigger purpose”  - show them how you fit into the cause.
-        Understand what each of your Gen Yers need to feel fulfilled in their job – they are less likely to jump 
-        Open up ways for their ideas to be heard or have them start their own initiatives within your business – entrepreneurship
-        Give fast feedback, but keep the thumb and the heavy hand off them
-        Invest in them learning about themselves, being introspective wrapped in something fun.  Forget the old school seminars and professional developments; think of something creative 
-        Invest in your team – you can’t afford NOT to – help build their own personal confidence.
-        Build strong relationships with your team and customers and be flexible.