Guest Speaker:              Dr. Nekky Jamal
Introduced by:               Paul Harris
Thanked by:                   Gerald Gagnon
The club was pleased to have a return visit from Dr. Nekky Jamal, local dentist, who is heavily involved with water well drilling in South America.  Nekky brought the club up to date on his recent visit to Nicaragua and his latest water project.  Nekky stated that bottle water is very expensive, however pop is very cheap, therefore, all the children drink pop which is extremely hard on their teeth due to the sugar content.  Also, water is a necessity for one's general overall health and his goal is to bring water to the villages thereby improving quality of life for the inhabitants.  The Lloydminster and Border City Rotary Clubs are partnering with Nekky to raise funds for his next well drilling by way of a fundraiser on October 24th at 6:00 p.m. at The Roots.  There are only 100 tickets at a cost of $125.00 of which an income tax receipt will be issued less the cost of meal expense (yet to be determined.)  Thank you Nekky for this update on your passion for Water For All.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Les Harper and won by Brian McCook
Sgt-at-Arms Robin Acton raised some dollars for the coffer by way of a new innovation called 'Pop-Up' Sergeant.  Every Sgt got an opportunity to levy a fine from the membership rather than just one.  Thanks Robin for this new idea!!
Guest Speaker September 21st will be Lorien Boyce, student exchange to Taiwan.