Brad spoke with our Club about the upcoming Relay For Life to be held in Lloydminster at Bud Miller Park from 7pm June 1st until 7am June 2nd. 

A few short months away from the annual all-nighter cancer fundraiser, the relay for life crew will be out in full force promoting the fight against cancer.

Brad Lake, promotion and marketing chairman for relay for life in Lloydminster, was at Monday and Tuesday’s Rotary meetings to get the annual fundraising campaign started.

“It’s been quite successful over the last 11 years,” said Lake, adding in those 11 years more than about $2.6 million has been raised to fight cancer.

Heading into year 12 Lake has resumed his duties as the promotion and marketing, which means he will be active in the community with the infamous ‘cancer toilet,’ aimed at flushing away cancer.

The 12-hour relay starts at 7 p.m. and goes until 7 a.m. from June 1 to 2 at Bud Miller All Seasons Park.

Lake said they average 90 to 100 teams in the fundraiser.

“Each team consists of 10 to 12 people, co-workers, friends or people who just want to support someone they know who has cancer,” said Lake. “One person from the team has to be on the track at any point during the night, so it is a great team building experience.”

Last year about $318,000 was raised in Lloydminster, which Lake said was down from other years, but above the average for the life of the fundraiser.

“We have to keep it fresh, last year was the direct debit machine and that helped because there were a lot of people who don’t carry cash on them but want to donate,” said Lake. “We used to carry a sandwich board for the advertisers and sponsors on it, now we have the TV so business and people can get their picture on the flush away cancer toilet.”

As well as the many Lloydminster residents who have had their picture taken sitting on the yellow and blue toilet, CBC TV personality Rick Mercer popped a squat when he was in town for the Lloydminster Regional Theatre Foundation Gala.

“When I was very young my grandfather died of cancer,” said Lake. “Being very young it really touched me. Directly it’s for him (grandfather) but in the last 10-12 years I’ve had many coworkers and family friends who have suffered.”

This year’s slogan is “I relay for …” which is an open-ended way to connect with more people.

“There is always someone out there who someone has a specific reason for doing it,” said Lake.

But the highlight for Lake, as well as many other participants, is the first lap around the lake. All cancer survivors are invited to walk to show the disease can be beaten.

“If you’ve never been to Bud Miller park during really the survivor walk is when to come,” said Lake. “You may not even know them, but you watch them walk and see them brighten up when they here the applauses for them.”