Meeting Summary - July 6, 2015
Guest Speaker:     President Wayde Blythe
Thanked by:          Rotarian Paul Richer
July marks the beginning of new Rotary year and President Wayde spoke to the membership outlining the goals and vision for his year.  Before that, however, Wayde gave his Vocational, which is always interesting,  as many of the members were not in the club when Wayde gave his first Vocational. 
The Rotary International Theme for 2015-16 is BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD and Wayde stated that his vision is to see the club, not only as a gift to the world, but, be a gift to the community.  We can do that by bringing a greater awareness of  what Rotary is about, get the club more involved in the community and, by accomplishing these goal we wil see increased membership.
Other ways that Wayde would like to engage is the club is by meaningful projects in the community, new ideas, International projects, club assemblies to keep the membership engaged and knowledgeable, and  more partnering on projects with the Border City Club. 
There is an old saying that we should reflect on as we fulfill these duties as Rotarians:  "I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now.  Let me not deter nor neglect if, for I shall not pass this way again.
So, Rotarians, let us join together to be the Gift of Rotary to Lloydminster and the world.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Ron Gillies and won by 'Past President' Richard Young. A well deserved winner after all the hard work as 'Past President'.
Stg-At-Arms:  Greg Hilderman gathered in some coinage from the membership, for the operating fund,  all the while doing it with levity and fellowship.  Thanks Greg!
Next Monday:   Guest Speaker will be one of our newer Rotarians Tara Ferguson, giving her vocational.
Thought for the Day:   Why can't somebody give us a list of things that everybody thinks and nobody says, and another list of things that everybody says and nobody thinks.   Oliver Wendell Holmes