Todd Gustavson came to speak to our Club on September 27, 2010. He gave a wonderful history of the dynamic fire department of the City of Lloydminster. I hope to accurately recount the historical events as he depicted.
Some of the chronology as depicted by Todd is as follows:

Aug 19, 1929 - Fire destroyed much of the City of Lloydminster

1930 - the Village of Lloydminster, AB and the Town of Lloydminster, SK amalgamated

1961 and 1966 - two new pumper trucks pumping 625 gallons of water per minute (there were many more truck acquisitions over the years, but these were the only ones I got the date for)

1974 - City fire department became so busy that it was no longer able to protect the rural area surrounding the City.

1979 - Fire Chief changed from being a volunteer position to a full-time position

1982 - residential home inspection program was started. Over the years, they also partnered with Musgrave Agency to bring the "tot spotter" program to identify kids rooms in each home with a sticker for the fire department to be able to spot these rooms first when they attend for a fire call. Great program!

1991 - Wilton-Britannia Rural Fire Department and Lloydminster Rescue Squad were founded

Aug 1998 - Todd took over as Fire Chief after his father, the former fire chief, passed away months earlier.

2003 - they bought an old school bus to set it up as a command post. The Chief recounted how he recalls spending many nights sanding it down before it was painted. What perserverance!

2004 - they found the original truck belonging to the fire department which was purchased in 1927. It was restored to its original state and now they have it as a showcase piece for the department.

2010 - new firehall was opened next to Lakeland College.

Todd explained to our Club the constant struggle that they have to remain relevant and exciting for the volunteers which form the department. They have now built a training centre outside of the City where the volunteers can go to stay current on their skills. We are told that this has been a big hit with the department.

Thanks for coming to our Club, Todd. Very interesing presentation indeed.

PS - I certainly encourage anyone to correct my depiction of Todd's chronology if I have been inaccurate! Lots of history indeed.