Meeting Summary - May 11
Guest Speaker:       Nekky Jamal,
Introduced by:         Rotarian Gerry Gehlen
Thanked by:            Rotarian John Kavanagh
Local dentist, Nekky Jamal, spoke to the club on the Dental Services & Water Projects in South America that he has been involved with for a few years.   
Nekky has been making a yearly visit to a village in South America providing free dental services to the local residents as his way of contributing his services on the global scene.
While the majority of the work revolves around dental oral hygiene, the major cause is the lack and availability of good, clean water.  It is simply unsafe to drink.
It is mandatory that the people have clean water to drink, which in turn will decrease the amount of pop they consume, which, of course,  is loaded with sugar.
Nekky is working with local geologists in  the development, training and drilling of water wells in the community.  He is looking to District 5370 for a grant to continue, as it is impossible to do this work with one person funding the project.  By drilling wells, this will also serve the residents of the surrounding communities and help further the 'ripple' effect on a global scale.  It was noticeable that the membership were most interested by their involvement in the  Q & A session and were willing to become involved in the project in whatever way they could.
Auction Gift:   Donated by Ron Gillies and won by Dwight Mushtaler.
Sergeant-at-Arms  Mike Sidoryk was able to put some money in the bank with levity and member involvement.  Thanks Mike
No meeting Monday, May 18th - Victoria Day
On May 25 we will induct our newest members into Rotary namely:  Rawrie Bullock, John Halliday, Paul Harris and Tara Ferguson.   A vocational will be given by Garth Meryweather.