Meeting Summary - July 20
Speaker:                   Doug Rodwell
Introduced by:        Rotarian Glenn Fagnan
Thanked by:             Rotarian Greg Hnatuk
The membership were pleased to hear from Doug Rodwell, General Manager of Public Safety for the City of Lloydminster.  Doug spoke on the current and ongoing programs presently under the directive of the City of Lloydminster.  Doug's opening remark focused on the photo radar locations throughout the city and the need for ongoing patrol in this area.  Photo radar is not designed as a 'money grab' for the City, but simply to bring attention to designated areas throughout the city that require our attention for the safety of all people.   He also stated that photo radar would 'not be going away any time soon' so residents need to remain alert and respective of this program.  Doug also spoke on other areas such as enhanced communication and/or liaison with the City and continuing  upgrades throughout.
CLUB AUCTION:  Gift donated by Sheldon Servold and won by Robin Acton.
MEMBERSHIP:    Proposed for membership, Darryl Benson (Proposed by Dwaine Bexson).  Any objections to be received in writing to the President within seven days.
DREAM VACATION WINNERS:   Trip - Evan Davis, sold by Barry Davis;  100.00 -  Musgrave Office, sold by Chris Benoit;  50.00 - Lisa Miller, sold by Ron Gillies.
RESIGNATIONS:   Have been received from Rotarian John Kavanagh (work transfer) and Rotarian Ken Kay (unable to make the meetings).
THANK YOU CARD:  From Dick and Donna Arie for the club sponsored supper at the Legion Hall for the Texas 4000 riders.
NEXT WEEK:   Visit from District Governor Tim Schilds;  meeting changed to Tuesday, July 28th  NO MONDAY MEETING
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little.
Yours in Rotary - Pat