Meeting Summary December 1
Speaker:  Imam Tariq Azeem, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Topic:  The World View from a Muslim
Introducer:  Keith Weinbender, Border City Club
Thanker:  Rotarian Greg Hnatuk

Amam Tariq spoke on the world view of a Muslim, both from within the community,  as well as the wider world.  The Muslim community is looking to shine a light on radicalization and how it affects individuals in the country.  Azeem stated that a workshop entitled "Stop the Crisis" has been scheduled at the Lakeland College Lecture Hall on Thursday, December 4th at 8:00 p.m. and is open to everyone.   Because social media is so open, one doesn't know who is being influenced,  but it is usually those who are lacking something inside them naturally or unnaturally, or their lack of knowledge on certain things about religion,  who are inclined to radicalization.   The local community has approximately 250 members and the numbers are going up.  The local Mosque is being renovated and when complete Azeem extended an invitation to come and see the centre.
WELCOME:  The membership were happy to welcome new Rotarian Paul Harris to their midst.
CLUB AUCTION - gift donated by Jill Applegate and won by our guest Amam Tariq.   Our guests seem to be very lucky in taking home the auction gifts!
DREAM VACATION:   Charlene Rowein stated that the Dream Vacation tickets will be ready for distribution by next Monday so we are asking Rotarians to put on their 'sellers' hat and hopefully we can sell the tickets in record time.  Proceeds from  this lottery is given to the charities designated by the current President.  Looking for a Christmas Gift? This is an idea.
STG-AT-ARMS:  Mike Sidoryk was able to add some coffers to the kettle by way  of targeting the membership with a few infractions. 
NEXT WEEK:  Guest speaker for Dec 8th is Reeve Daryl  Watt, County of Vermilion River, giving the 'State of the Union Address' as it applies to their municipality.
LOOKING AHEAD:  Please come prepared to participate in the Rotary Auction on December 15th with all proceeds being distributed between  the Olive Tree, the Salvation Army and Avery School.  This has become an annual event for the club and several thousand dollars are generated in a short period of time that is then given to charities in the community during the Christmas season.
That's all for this week.   Yours in Rotary - Pat