Robert Laboucane, president of Ripple Effects Ltd., came to speak to our Club on November 22, 2010. He presents to government agencies and private corporations on how to help to integrate Aboriginal workers into their workplace. He explained to Rotarians that once Aboriginal people are educated and skilled to enter the workforce, there is an epidemic that somehow causes 97% of those who go to work in the private sector to quit within 6 months of starting, many of whom actually leave within 72 hours.
What would be the cause of such staggering statistics? Robert suggests that in exit surveys, the results show that in 90% of cases it is because they had trouble integrating into the work environment, with the most frequent answer being "no one would talk to me".

Robert has made it his business to travel around Canada to speak with these organizations to ensure that they are able to properly support Aboriginal workers who enter their workplace as well as to ensure that their workplace is supportive of these workers coming on board. He provides facts and historical information about the Aboriginal population, and debunks the myths that have formed in our society.

Robert is in Lloydminster for Monday and Tuesday this week for one-day seminars to Lloydminster businesses. Thank you for your work in this area, Robert.