Meeting Summary Jan 5/15
Chair:   Richard Young
Presenters:    Randy Aston, Paul Richer, Richard Young.
We started the 'New Year' with  Club Assembly and brought the membership up to date on some future plans.
Radio Days is an annual event (Feb 10th this year) , a day set aside by The Goat Radio Station to allow Rotarians to drop by the station and 'brag and inform' the public about  Rotary.  This also provides an opportunity for Rotarians to advertise their business in the community.  It is a fun day and those who participate say they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Discussion was held regarding a proposal concerning 'Corporate Membership' in the club. Many good ideas and feedback was received from the membership.
An upcoming event is the annual Lobsterfest held on the first Saturday in May - this  year Saturday, May 2nd at the Lloydminster Exhibition Centre. 
Sgt-at-Arms Robin Acton contributed to the coffers by way of testing the intelligence of the membership on weather issues - a national topic of all homosapiens.
The Auction Gift was AGAIN won by Mike Sidoryk, whose office must be full of gifts by now!!!!
Winners of the December Rotary Dream Vacation were:
Trip:   Candace Odishaw (Border City Club)
100.00  Don Whittaker
50.00   Jeremy Tabish
No confirmation as to the guest speaker for next Monday.
Yours in Rotary