Guest Speaker - Past President Paul Richer
Topic - Highlight of the Rotary International Convention, Australia - June 2014
Thanked by Robin Acton
Rotarian Paul highlighted some of the events associated with the International Convention in Australia this past summer.  Two world records were broken by way of (a)  the most people occupying the Sydney Bridge and (b) the most flags of the world displayed on the bridge.  They displaced Oprah Winfrey from holding this record - no small feat!!   The PM of Australia made an announcement that their Government would be donating several million dollars to Polio Plus to assist Rotarians in their quest irradiate Polio throughout the world.   The Rotary House of Friendship had 100-150 Kiosks which displayed every avenue and opportunity imaginable.  The people of were noticeably friendly and Rotarians were treated like royalty.  Paul recommended that Rotarians should make every effort to attend an RI Convention to renew enthusiasm and generate goodwill and good works throughout the world.  Next year the RI Convention is in Brazil so start your thinking process now Rotarians!!
THANK YOU - to everyone who helped with Halloween  Rotary Family Fun Night hosted by the two Rotary Clubs .  It was noted that between 600-1000 children attended and compliments and kudos were front and centre.   No doubt this event will be repeated next year and it certainly exemplified the 4 Way Test 'for all concerned'.
STUDENT EXCHANGE - The Border City Club would like to take on a long-term exchange student this year and were seeking our club's assistance by way of an inbound counselor.   Will give this matter further consideration.
STG-AT-ARMS - Jason Whiting took on a new slant in his role as Sgt-at-Arms to generate funds for the coffers.  Thank you Jason for your innovation in this regard.
NEXT WEEK- the guest speaker will be Wendy Plandowski on the Strategic Plan for the Lloydminster Regional Health Foundation