Meeting Summary - September 31, 2015
Speaker:                  Rotarian Paul Harris
Introduced by:       Dick Vokins
Thanked by:           Tara Ferguson
Speaker:  The membership were pleased to hear another vocational from one of our newer Rotarians Paul Harris.  This Paul Harris was not born in Chicago, was not raised by his grandparents, did not enroll in Princeton University, did not become a practicing lawyer, and was not the founder of Rotary International.  He was, however, born in Lloydminster, raised by his parents  in a family of eleven children, took his schooling in Lloydminster, held various jobs before settling down to raise his own family of six.  Paul gave a very interesting talk of his life and work and how he wants to make a contribution to the community in which was raised and has lived, as well as a productive Rotarian.  Thank you Paul for your presentation.
Paul was introduced by his proposer Rotarian Dick Vokins, who has known Paul for many year.
Welcome:    President Wayde welcomed new Rotarian Darryl Benson. Classification - Construction.   Darryl was proposed by Rotarian Dwaine Bexson.  
Club Auction:   Gift donated by Garth Merryweather and one by our traveling Rotarian Les Harper, who pops in from time to time! 
Registration:    Community Registration Evening to be held at the Multiplex on Thursday, September 3rd.  Rotary will have a booth at this function and anyone interested in helping please contact President Wayde.  This is another community avenue where Rotary and Rotarians  can promote themselves and the service they do in the community.
Leadership Workshop:   The 2nd Rotary Leadership Workshop 'Me and Rotary' will be held in Lloydminster on Saturday, September 19th.  This workshop is to expand club members knowledge of Rotary beyond the club level and learn more about the bigger picture of Rotary International.  The sessions share practical tips, ideas and resources from Rotary International that will assist members in their current and future Rotary roles.  Cost is $50.00 per person and will be paid for by the club.  To register on line go the Rotary Club of Lloydminster and follow the links.
Sergeant:   Paul Richer collected some money for the administration coffers through levity via the Sergeants position.  Thank you Paul
Next Week:   Labor Day Holiday on Monday, September 7th - see you on the 14th when the guest speaker will be Nekky Jamal, talking on his water project.