Meeting Summary - March 16, 2015
Guest Speakers:    Pat Varga, Immediate Past Dominion President of the Royal Canadian Legion
                               Wayne Williams, Service Officer, Branch 39, Lloydminster
                               Ryan Ference - Wounded Warriors Program
Introduced by:        Rotarian Vivian Pengelly
Thanked by:           Rotarian Jason Whiting
The Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Legion offers many programs to help Veterans and their families:
A Provincial Service Officer to provide one on one assistance - located in Regina
Leave the Streets Behind Homeless Program -  for Veterans; to assist homeless and near homeless to find lodging and to provide one on one assistance
Discover the Power in Me - a seminar for those suffering from PTSD.  This is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Legions, The Pacific Institute and Wounded Warrior Weekend.
PAWS for Veterans Saskatchewan- to make aware and educate the people of Saskatchewan to respect the service dog and to fund raise to purchase service dogs for Veterans in Saskatchewan.
Ryan Ference spoke on the Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation fundraiser which is taking place in Lloydminster on May 23rd.  Tickets and information are available at the Lloydminster Branch 825.2521   For every $100.00 raised Ryan will carry one pound of weigh on this back while treking.  Jason Whiting challenged the club and put the first $20.00 in and in a few seconds the club raised $325.00 so Ryan has to add another 3 1/2 pounds to his load.  Go Ryan!
Auction Gift - donated by Charles Lamb and won by Greg Hnatuk.
March Dream Vacation Winners:
Trip:  Teresa Thorpe (Prince Edward Island Getaway) - ticket sold by Wayde Blythe
$ 100.00 -  Shelene Davies (ticket sold by Jason Whiting)
$ 50.00 - Jill Applegate (ticket sold to herself)
Sgt-at-Arms Greg Hilderman was on duty again and raised some dollars for the coffers.
Next Week:  Speakers are Harold and Diane Stephan, from the Battle River Ranch.  This is one of the organizations that President Richard is supporting during his leadership year.  He will be donating $5,000.00 to the Ranch. The other recipient of his choice was The Olive Tree, who have already spoken to the club and received their donation.
Yours in Rotary