Meeting Summary - February 24, 2015
Speakers:         Rotarians Candace Odishaw and Michelle Benning from the Border City Club
Presentation:    Rotary International Friendship Exchange Trip to India
Introduced by:  Don Whiting
Thanked by:     Wayde Bythe
Candace and Michelle gave a joint presentation on their recent Rotary exchange trip to India.  While it is difficult to cover all the interesting places and things that did on their the following are a few of the highlights:
It was a 30 hour journey from Edmonton to India along;  their tour also included 11 other people from Jasper, Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Fort St. John
Their host families were gracious, the food was excellent (some spicy) and the friendships were forging
They toured the Kirti Mandir Museum, one of the oldest in the world with books dating back hundreds of years; a special gift in the museum was from the US which was a miniature collection of Shakespeare,  complete with a magnifying glass for viewing; several books in the library were as small as an inch in size
Places they toured included the Royal Palace, a Rotary dialysis unit, a couple of Safaris, a water reservoir project which was a joint project with the Rotary Club of Kelowna; a Rotary Park (the only public park in Amrelie which has a population of 250,000); a water filtration system, kite flying at the Uttrayan Kite festival, a Jewelgoldi factory, a Rotary hospital, and many other points of interest
One of the their most memorable moments was the National India polio vaccination day which they were able to participate in
Both Rotarians stated that this trip has and will change their lives for ever
STG-AT-ARMS - Mike Sidoryk took a few coins from those present.
AUCTION GIFT - donated by Jill Applegate and won by Peter Parkinson
SPEAKER NEXT WEEK:    - A vocational by Rotarian Vivian Pengelly