Kirk spoke to our Club on September 20, 2010 about the City of Lloydminster's new Transportation Infrastructure Master Plan. This is the first update to the Plan since 2001 - the City has grown by 26% since that time!
Kirk explained how important it was for his engineering department to obtain public input into the Plan before it was finalized - they held open houses, hosted a booth at the Lloyd Mall, conducted online surveys, and more.

The bulk of their studies focused on comparing current to future population estimates for our City, and determining the potential for traffic flow problems if our infrastructure was not revised and improved. They concluded that their first priority must be to deal with the Highway 17 traffic flow.

They will be recommending to Council in the next few weeks that they approve the implementation of a one-way couplet along Highway 17. The next stage would be to widen the south part of Highway 17 into 4-lanes. Then, of course, there's the rail over- or under-pass. Just the one-way couplet is estimated to cost $33M. The rail pass would be approximately $20M.

It was a very interesting presentation wherein we learned a lot about the City's plans for updating our roadways. This is vital to our continuing to grow and expand and encourage businesses to come to our wonderful City. Thanks, Kirk!